November Eclipse Message channeled from Solara: Hyenithus and Selenitus. On Tuesday November 8th 2022 we have a Total Lunar Eclipse at 15º Taurus that also shows a Blood Moon.

They say:

“When you feel the desire for your Divine Abundance, you will have to stand up from your deadness. Because you may be alive for the functions of moving around, eating and sleeping, but not for your great gifts that can be given as well as received.

Standing up from your deadness, means to let go of your negative self talk, and be the grandeur of what you truly are in eternal light. You may have great energy behind your current mode of action, but channeling that into the corpse won’t truly work.

You may have tried this time and again, only to see that you got stranded in too hard ego work and not enough deep relaxation as healing that was present inside of that work. But now that can change, because the lightning has struck your life! This is the permission slip to start to walk away from under that yoke.

This may be a big leap, but you know that it is time and you’ve grown into it. This is your call, and while you’re sure you will be tested, you have a relationship with that leadership that a present day magician as spiritual teacher has.

The decision is made, through you and for you, and when you’ve seen through those two movements of being done through and at the same time that this is beneficial for you, you can see that it is made by you. Choosing such will mean the end of sadness and disappointment.

You can cross the shadowland, you’ve got what it takes. You will stand up from the deadness guaranteed. No effort needs to get into doing that when you have surrendered into it. You’re home and already belong exactly as you are. Be patient and stay the course; let yourself be touched by the incoming lightning strike because that will do the trick.”

“Choose heart. Choose life. Gotta follow the Living heart. It’s beating for you all day long! Gotta wake up to its aliveness and start sharing in its joy.

True pleasure comes from listening to it and living warmly close to it. True good feelings that last, sprout from that experience.

The foundation it gives you, will carry you to Your Abundance completely, not partially. It grows your Twin Flame Union and your Divine Inheritance that is paid out in Soul Money (too!).

There is a real wisdom inside your heart. It’s up to us to activate it and make it come true in our actual life. This will be a huge paradigm shift, particularly when we think we’ve already ‘got it’.

There’s only One true result in the end, and it will embrace beautiful unique You.”

“Your are supposed to live in a Golden Light, with a warm, compassionate and joyful feeling quality. Did you know that? You are supposed to see Golden Light in your inner eyes all the time in your daily life, whether you are working, cooking, or exercising and so on.

Of course the inner eye receives that light, and when you would be looking for a sparkling golden lamp in your home, street or city, you will not find it. It receives it from your Source, which is real and actual. It is a sign of its existence and a glow that will heal your life into an essential, golden, ultimate One.

So, let’s receive that light right now. And be blessed by it.

That is simply a decision you can make for yourself. To receive it now.

The Truth is that Love is always right here, and you can receive it.

This is what brings the Golden Light into your life and perception.

Living in the Golden Light is the foundation of having a nourishing daily life, relationship to food and clothes, having a flourishing business that will not fall over by outside forces, having a harmonious union with your ultimate lover and more.

It is the inner sun that has come up and you share it everywhere you go!

MEconomy refers to the Self that is the Soul. And guess what: the word Sun is for a good reason similar as well. It’s all deeply related. It’s Your Abundance.

There is a method that brings this in your life. #CreativeID #SourceMagic <3″

“You’re destined to live in Harmonic Resonance. This is a State of Being that is so harmonious on the inside, that it also expresses outwardly and all-penetratingly.

It feels like a whole new dimension for sure, because it comes as an extra layer in what we already knew because everyone has had at least sparks of it: thinking sane and feeling good.

Inner peace is a whole new layer coming in. It’s as if a world is now starting to unfold that you hadn’t realized existed before. Its vibration and domein is now spreading and you are in it.

It has become inescapable, like a sound that is reverberating through you and everything around you as well: people, trees, houses, thoughts and feelings.

That’s how this process goes, that has been coming in at our time to enlighten the universe. It started for the collective with preparations in the sixties and seventies, from which resulted books that we read in our monthly book reading club.

The Harmonic Resonance was then bleeped to earth in the eighties and this was very clear for certain sensitive people back then, that published about it too. And by now we’re getting more concretely in the ascension time, and the tools and results are much more physically available.

Being able to make come true Your Abundance is part of that movement, or rather: is exactly that. Your Soul Inheritance expresses itself in Soul Money and you will call it in with your True Twin Flame by your side, sharing a Mission.

It will be attainable for you as well, when you let go of inner conflict completely and thus be cleansed. Then you’ll find peace with your inner child that will remain having only positive thoughts and thus results.

That asks for a journey, and it can be taken staring Now. Therefore, should the timing for you not be right yet at this day, then it will certainly come for you when you start the journey sincerely, which will cause you to arrive at great impeccable instead.

Because now you are in the eternal embrace. <3”