Real power comes from an inner peace. That is something else then a force, because it has no opposite, it just *is*. This attribute in your psyche will come forward, when you’ve made the choice to say ‘yes’ to your full self and have seen the perfection of that. Once it has come to the front of your mind genuinely and with peace, then you’ve created an eternal bedrock right there.

There may be a process to that, yet you can choose this right now and claim it as yours. Even when you would in daily life be in a situation that looks like a confused conflict, you can go to the core and choose real power from inner peace. This will turn the situation around to an inner journey, leaving behind immediately that which does not fit that vibration, thus ending the conflict.

Something may have been induced by a recent event that hit you unexpectedly. Good, accept that in, and let the deeper mind receive the unknown-yet contents of what was torn open by that. This will certainly be a very sweet message, much like an old friend that you’ve always known. Feel the gratitude for it overflow you.

This way your will power will stand up today and you will embrace the passion of life, and find yourself wanting to make strides in new projects. The near future will thus for sure mean you are awakening in a brand new level all-together. It’s safe right now to let that in!

If you accept Love to be poured into you, you will be able to move towards that new level, but beware of where there still need to be dealt with a certain relationship first. If not with another, then with yourself, for you will need to get the insights that are presented for you right now, integrate them and thus make sure there is no unfinished business left.

Your hopes for an abundant life will thus be answered. Your willpower will be restored, just like your morals, and you are fit to fight any adversary that may be presented by the future!

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