The guardian angels have arrived in assisting our mission, literally that is, because they weren’t summoned or anything, but when one creates the Divine mission and starts building, at a certain point they come to assist. Angels are divine energy fields that assist in healing and building. After Archangel Michael opened the way, the first guardian angel that showed up with his name and all details, was angel 30 Omael. He aids with manifestation in nature, fertility, and your nature as humans too, that is to say your divine mission that leads to Soul Money and is done together with your True Twin Flame. His message is:

“When clarity has come – and I aid with that for you right now – you can start to claim that, and that will awaken a process of removing what no longer serves. That is what frightens many people deeply, because before it starts happening it can seem like a loss of control that will be the result and what is mostly feared. In these moment it helps to be reminded that control is often abuse. Nobody wants abuse, even though people often do it to themselves in the first place. But it’s healthy to not want control, to be controlled, not be abused.

When the fear for loss of control can be cured through clarity to an enough degree, then you can become aware that a certain order wants to make itself known to you. That is the divine order I am all about. I am about empowering you to let order in, through your manifestation intentions and your transformative power that you execute with the divine tools. They are: creating with your feelings, accepting that you have created everything that is and turning everything you encounter around in your heart. The shortcut is the #KEY tool.

With angelic tools you will be able to traverse large bouts of fear and release deep seated conflicts that seemed to have been ever present – so how will they ever be able to let go… Angelic tools can dig up large energy reservoirs that you hadn’t tapped in yet at all, and a raw emotion can start to come to the surface of your being. Don’t be afraid, it will be channeled through the inner vision that we feed with light as well. Now you can start to build on the long term goals you had always foreseen, however they will come to bloom in a yet unknown context… that cannot be controlled. And you don’t want that also, trust me with that as I am the One True Divine Angel of Fertility.”