One day, one hour, one moment, the gate will start to open for you, and there is a knowing this is yours to go through. There is enough energy build up inside of you to be able to take this step, that is assured. There seems to still be a foot on the brake though.

Or eleven feet on the brake, that is also possible, whosoever feet they ever are. It can be out of habit or having been brainwashed as a child into distrusting new roads and relationships. This is much more common then we often think, both in numbers of people suffering from this as well as much bigger of a “foothold” then we believe.

But when the gate starts to open for you, that is able to sense on quite another level altogether and the call hits you any way. This will be a leap that holds both light and dark, good and bad, is what you unconsciously know, to then land your feet in the area of true unrivaled positivity and light, where the dichotomy has disappeared.

The brake can be codependency, or attachment. The mind can seem stuck on wanting to grab your pile and run unconsciously, and to hold onto what you know consciously. But the point is, you have already recently been going through this deeper crisis of the self any ways and perhaps it’s only your customary caution that still presents it’s remnants on the surface of your behavior.

A deeper destination urge is pulling on you now. One that you dare not utter yet but even that doesn’t matter, because the gate has opened unconditionally for you at this junction.

See it like this: no matter the unknownness of the entire journey, it’s an opportunity to let all the hurts and griefs slide out of your soul that you’ve ever collected in any time of your life or lives. Because the land the opened up for you to step into is one where these wounds do not resonate anymore and they are now superfluous in a real sense.

Your reality will change instantly, although there is also a process in which patience is a great quality to cultivate, just like persistence. Because the old hurts and distortions do not play a role here anymore, you are able to choose the correct thing for uniquely you, out of the ideas that float before your minds eye, too.

Old ideas will break and fall by the wayside, as they are supposed to. Relationships split when the golden road has formed under your feet. That is transformation, and it is safe to allow that to happen. There is no need to worry about your concrete life goals such as a partner and money, because it is in this very transformation that your goals will reach it’s True Manifestation.

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