Doing inner work, with the tools as we do it here, is what will result in tangible results. And that is often opposite of what people think is what reality building is, or result building is, or how life even works.

Often we think that when you want to have a relationship you have to date a couple of people, or we have to learn to become better at conversations, or we have to become a more social and polite person that ‘knows the ins and outs of how dating socially works’ first.

In our societies we often think that when we want to have money we need to work dusty jobs that nobody really likes and that create an attitude of sarcasm about life and how we ‘need to make a living and therefore accept this crap that we can then complain about every day as a new hobby’. And that that is all there is, or that we can alternatively build a business and when you do that you’ll need to bust your ass off and sweat and make it about pleasing the customer only and – was there still something like “my true life’s mission”? Well F* that because now I have a business and I need to work 48 hours in one day to make ends meet.

So, inner work to reach the best relationship for uniquely you and inner work to get your true souls mission going in an effortless way, are really kind of far from your everyday experiences you often see reflected. But that doesn’t mean it does not exist.

Inner work, with the tools we offer here (that can be combined with others at some times when you feel like it helps additionally but never in place of it), will call in the real you and that will attract the one that is created from the same soul blueprint as you are created from (on the invisible soul level, technology that goes that deep into that indeed) and that is automatically your ultimate lover but also your partner in your souls mission.

And doing this inner work will then also indeed call in your one true mission that will be so deeply you that it becomes festive and the sharing of that (let’s say the basics of a business!) will be an experience that is deeply empowering *and* supported by all powers of the universe combined even against all odds.

And I do not say that as a dream, but because we learned the technology to do that and got the according results. Now, this is a road, a journey. That journey can be taken. And the fortunate thing is, any goals will become genuinely true and feeling-good on this journey also. So even if you “only” would like to feel good today and tomorrow, then the tools are the best for that as well.

So, that’s the entire baseline with which we work here. I hope that gives you some down to earth start up.

So this inner work, leading to these results, really works (indeed, I have not been taking this lightly at al, and have even after having reached the results and saw how it was sinking on an even deeper level in and clients me and what that yielded, I have additionally been allowing a couple of years to integrate and also get more clarity on what goes wrong on many other peoples journeys that I sometimes only witness from afar but we can learn from everything we encounter and I still learn every single day).

I am very proud to have made the tools available, the baseline that you *can* also finish the entire journey with, I made available just like that on this blog, on my website, and importantly also on my social media profiles and in our community. Very pleased and happy to be able to give something insanely valuable like that. It’s Christ Consciousness made come true.