Shadowland exists and needs to be crossed in a way that makes it conscious every step and then let go. Fakeland is thus avoided because that would be believing in your state before the shadowland is crossed on your journey and it would also be believing in the validity of the shadowland.

It may take some time to cross but that will be more then worth it. This is not psychobabble to be dismissed because this is what you will experience on your journey. It will gives you an indication what will happen when you start the journey so you know you’re doing it right. You’ll recognize what this is, once you start to experience these phases.

It is not supposed to be psychology for psychology’s sake though; it’s a passing stage, these issues, and they can be transformed if your spiritual stance is correct towards them. They will be overcome instead of you drowning in them.

Yes: every imbalance can be processed and left behind. Eventually that’s the ego that you will process and leave, nothing more nor less. Psychological problems are ego, emotional unhealthy stances are ego, victimhood is ego and being the perpetrator is ego, even help is ego. Simply feel it consciously and thus let go and move forward.

Even so called untreatable issues are able to be overcome with the Divine that you will meet at the core of a real let-go; even narcissism and the most deeply engrained issues because of multigenerational curses, multidimensional trauma and early childhood abuse can be treated the very same way, no matter how many experts say otherwise.

Don’t think you are the victim for you are also the perpetrator somehow, you’ll see, because you can only traverse the shadowland when both aspects of the same issue are processed and let go: the so called light and dark side. And helping you do that won’t work either, as you’ll become codependent with the helper and loose your autonomy.

The Divine let-go is the true let go we are speaking of. That’s what happens meanwhile traveling further to your Heaven.


Leaving the ego may mean that your eyes will be opened for the first time fully. You will see that many nice people aren’t nice at all because that is a nice ego that hides a shitload of nasty emotions that you will receive together with their so called niceness, when you receive it.

This is where you will learn to not receive that load, and let their niceness be what it is: a false niceness, a mask, a social politeness with an agenda presented as social politeness without an agenda.

Not receive the load is an interesting growth to experience, because here you will have grown an actual selfhood inside of yourself that is the basis of being able to thank for the gesture but no thanks and send it back, because you indeed do not need anything from outside of yourself:

Not a superficial niceness and not a load of negativity either, both genuinely feel superfluous to you because you are enough in yourself already, not as mentality and behavior (only), but genuinely because you have opened up a flow of energy inside of yourself that is self sufficient and… real.

That is what the bible means when it says: Those who have get more.

  • For to every one who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. — Matthew 25:29, RSV.
  • I tell you, that to every one who has will more be given; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. — Luke 19:26, RSV.

Because this is you having, and then more will be poured into that because that attracts alike energy – and repels energy that is not alike.


This is how you genuinely get to your Heaven and not have the ego rebuild this structure because I explained it to you.

You will be able to let go with the easy 4 step tool KEY. By taking the journey armed with this tool, you will grow to understand having boundaries for the not beneficial energy stream directed at you and open towards the flow that does.


This is KEY in a nutshell:

1 What is my upset?

2 Translate it to: I want: …

3 What is my longing here?

4 I claim it as my quality

There are many helpful resources in our online community called Your Abundance on Facebook to get going including a worksheet, a video and a free workshop.

I greatly advice you go there yourself and look them up in the pinned posts aka the featured posts on top of the main group feed, free downloads in the file section and posts under the hashtag #key and #keyoftheday. For extra clarity the link spelled out: