Looking at the Reset Blog, it has with loads of channeled messages that I passed on to you.

“How does a channelled message and the criticism of social life and so on help me with my money life and my relationships?”

Thanks for asking. Good question.

3 points

1 We live in a time in which a new solution is asked, seen that we stumbled collectively on a block. Some will experience the block as the governments are taken over by unkind almost anti-human forces, and some as the people that push against the agenda’s of the governments. It’s the same block though: it’s that there is not yet established a way that anchors in the intimate soul core. When that is the case, you can grow askew in two ways: positive and negative (so to speak). And the Truth is not yet found and integrated. Channeled messages are about that and social criticism makes it better visible, what the point is.

2 There are True messages that want to come through and guide you, so they have to be posted at this time, that’s not a choice really, as life desires to bring the leading edge of manifestation further always. Where the leading edge of creation is moved forward, you vibrate with that forward also. What wants to be expressed here as well is that these are actual divine messages that are channeled; I knew a coach that fantasizes her so called channelings and I still get the shivers when I think about it, maybe she even thinks everyone that channels has too much fantasy, and she then might as well manipulate lightworkers by calling her writings channelings so that they hand over their money. I have no words for the low morals of such practices. There are also those that have not finished the journey and have some mental health issues instead, for those I have compassion. In any way, the fact that counterfeits are an everyday experience doesn’t withhold Truth from coming forward.

3 Real relationship success and mission building work with inner peace first, that then organically influences your outer life guaranteed accordingly with peaceful abundance: this is law. Channeled messages and social critisism try to point you to that simple but profound truth, so that it may eventually land and germinate in your actual life, not as an idea (only). It’s perhaps much shorter to state: as inner so outer, that was it folks, good luck and see you in Heaven! But that wouldn’t really do much most of the time. It’s the truth but what does that mean and how does it touch my actual life? That’s why I use stories.

There is already a method and a journey carved out for you. This is the good news. It works with the technology of being human. It is innovative in regards to the soul because it pertains to the reality of ascension and not of the fantasy about it and this is still pretty new to be spread outside of solitary masters, to be applied to daily life, relationships and mission born business as well.

This is then based on the following 5 anchors:


* The original Law of Attraction teaching, not the one that has taken the idea and applied it to the ego while saying things such as: push your energy up to a higher level (disregarding your actual feelings to con people around you and the universe itself), and remain the same person as you are (basically saying that there is no transformation journey, just that you have to push harder and then not react when it is not yet coming because something better is coming your way – it sure is but not via not transforming yourself). At the same time, in the current ascension point, where the leading edge of that is, there is an update as it were, a new alignment that resonates through the same old law of attraction (method), and that is taken into account here as well; you can for instance see that even in the easy to use free events that we currently have in our community, that immediately attune you to what is meant here, we add to the general understanding of A Course In Miracles (we have a book read club about that) the notion of Twin Flames, which it expertly takes care of without stating that overtly, because that simply belongs to that new ascension attunement that I tied to describe. How do I know and we know? Because we’ve gone the entire journey and did the investment. We prepared this for a couple of decades so that it can come out now.


** Spirituality as simply the bedrock of everything in life, not something outside of life or even higher, but it is the base of everything. If it was not here, the universe would not be here, you would not have been born and so on. There is nothing strange or upsetting about spirituality, and as far as I’m concerned also not with religion because that is simply the condensed way of speaking about the very same in specific languages. There are many languages in the world! That religions have been used by narcissists, as a reason for war and everything malicious and bad is true, and I never advocate that. Should you see the malfunctions in the execution of the religions then you are also completely right, but that does not take away from the fact that they all serve or served as map for the spiritual journey that is then simply… the life journey. Feel like it has all failed you? Great, perhaps you’re ready for this new layer of ascension I speak of, then you will automatically eventually learn to see the underlying structure of all religions and also how they together form a larger plan in the sense of… the original light blueprint will come forward for you and then come to life as the new layer of ascension and life itself. That is not a metaphor.


*** Energy work. Your energy is the cause of how you feel every day: had a tired day, or a happy one? There are so many moods and energy expressions possible! Your energy is pretty much the answer to the question: “How are you doing?” Energy in your system can be optimized and attuned to the ascended level of life, so that it becomes fed with the latest codes and light frequencies (genuinely, not as a way of saying that is empty). The tools help you do that, but on your own responsibility, so that you are empowered as well. Your energy is crucial to who you are, as it also holds the most intimate feelings you have. It is for a reason that all energy is sexual energy! Energy is simply managed at the sexual area of your energy body (and your physical body thus also). Repairing your sexual energy, which means to repair the flow of life force.


**** Mind work. In your energy field, the Divine Mind is received. Becoming receptive is a whole work in itself, and that is (as described in point 3) a sacred work. The Divine Mind is a very causal something. It exists before it penetrates the energy field and it is there the very blueprint of life! When you do the mind work (allowing for your personal mind to become aligned with the Divine Mind more and more, for instance with the mind version of the KEY tool and by studying the ‘A Course In Miracles’ book with us in the community), you can come at the very core of how the architecture of life is influenced. Influenced in a natural way that is: life is meant to transform, but not before it has been accepted fully of course.


***** Resistance. People have resistance to the real work although it also represents what everyone is looking for. This is natural, just like the body has an organic defence system against illnesses (if it’s not compromised). Working with the resistance is what I as a teacher am currently gaining my mastery on, I have been shown for a couple years now situations and new ways to go about it, so some more insights and then that’s completed me thinks. So that means: not working against it but with it. A very interesting way to see healing work: taking into account that there is and will be resistance makes for a healing *strategy* to form itself. The Divine Healing Strategies are passed on here and at the moment even just like that.

Hope that gives you something to ponder for now. Speak to you soon!