Twin Flames are the next level seen from a softening that many people experience, in thinking about gender and heart based relationships. And they are the next level seen from traditional marriage rooted in religion as well.

The spiritual journey seen from the Twin Flame lens is the next level for those who are into indigenous sacred practices. And also for those that are into Abrahamic religions, as another and seemingly opposite example.

‘Next level’ is pretty much a pop term to use. Twin Flames are alive in your original reality that most often is a profound change away from where you have been raised and reside in your current cultural norm. The next level it is about, is correctly identified with the term ascended level.

It is as well the ascended level for relationships as for the spiritual journey. This ascended level can be reached by doing the journey, guided by a teacher that is initiated in this new level. It does not really matter what direction one comes from, when entering the journey. Any start can be a good start and all are welcome here.

When you are starting to make strides on the journey, you will get upset one day. You’ll encounter resistance. You’ll get to see what has hurt you before. This is a good place because it means you are now ready to work on those intimate parts of you that need healing, so your journey can go deeper and you’ll eventually arrive.

The Physical Results You Desire

This is not a journey done in vain. It’s primarily a consciousness journey, but that doesn’t mean you will not arrive in an actual, physically provable result. You will – in how it is lead here – arrive at the consciousness state of Harmonious Twin Flame Union and then from there on out also birth the mental, emotional and physical results of that, including the actual relationship with your True Twin Flame.

The tools and program I offer are all here to support that. They are here because I have found them to be legit and work together. This is what brought me and my friend and client in Harmonious Union and others also but I currently cannot claim them as my result, however I still observe and conclude what has passed by me in the past. Plus importantly, this is what the Divine has taught me directly in my teacher initiation period.

You want to have your Harmonious Union because having only the body of the right person will not bring you the inner peace and joy it is about, and having a love union with the wrong person only means self deceit and resources invested in a bottomless pit however beautiful you dress it up. Harmonious Union means having both the right person as well as the original peaceful joy plus full and eternal return on investment.

Being able to teach this is not common. Currently, this is truly rare. I’ve dedicated my entire life and work to it. When in Harmonious Union plus being initiated as teacher, it is remarkable how you get an inner eye view on all unions, and how they work, if they are harmonious or not and so on. I still actively broaden and deepen all abilities that come with it and from it.

Committing Deeper

It may be good to know, that all people that have arrived in this journey that I have witnessed, have committed deeply during their journeys and have invested large resources into their desires. I do give away everything you definitely need for entirely free, so the core work can always be done by anyone reaching for it. You are allowed to try to prove you can do it all by effort and time alone, but my advice would be for you to start to invest in yourself with money too, because you indicate towards yourSelf that you desire the results seriously and you are also respectful to the energy that you’re automatically already inside of when you are here and to the provider of the tools you’re using. Start investing when you feel ready.

The things that happen here in the community, stem directly from being in the energy of the teacher of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Things that have been proven to be possible are among others:

  • a Twin Flame in the community attracted direct guidance towards their True Twin Flame that showed up in their physical life so they can start their revelation process to become sure it definitely is them
  • True Twin flames reuniting in the Facebook group Your Abundance without premeditation that this would happen for them on both ends, both having come to this online space on their own accord
  • Twin Flames reaching the state of consciousness of Harmonious Twin Flame Union while one of them is in the community

And let me add some first aid advice on well-known Twin Flame issues, that may immediately be of help for you:

Twin Flame Identity

Your Twin Flames identity is connected exclusively to this one person born in this one body. The very very very most people have one Twin Flame of the complementary kind: a Divine Feminine if they are the Divine Masculine and vice versa. What exists furthermore but in very small percentages are: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine bundled into one person in this incarnation; multiple Twin Flame sets in which there are inside of that system always DF-DM couples that belong to each other and there could also be child members of a multiple Twin Flame system, of which this child will be nobody’s lover and in essence thus a lover of the Divine. It is most likely not what you are having, so don’t worry too much about it. Having a Twin Flame that is not on earth can happen when they are not born yet and you are a baby or toddler most likely too, or alternatively they have already died and you are on your way to the other side also within reasonable time; more variants do not really happen that often although there are cases in which the age difference can be significant. Because your Twin Flame and you choose the same at the core in fundamental choices, they will also be on earth roughly when you are. There is a revelation process to know who they exactly are, that one experiences when on the journey. An initiated teacher into the Divine Wisdom level can also read your situation. Even though you’re a ray of Divine Light in your Union, you’re not a certain color of it, at least that is not important, certainly not until you’ve come into Harmonious Twin Flame Union and have made that into a successful functioning, rooted family and mission business, by which time you can always review if this is of true value to you. Your Twin Flame mirrors to you the best of things in the entire universe, your Divine Love and also your blocks to it.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Twin Flames are One in the ascended layer, that is in a sense even ‘above’ the individual soul, perhaps we could call it spirit there, the place where their inner light from the Divine in the Divine Creation Order, is one ray that expresses itself into 2 complementary expressions that are individual and complete souls that incarnate in different families and therefore bodies. The expression blueprint is with that person/soul and cannot be exchanged between one another. What can happen though is that ones perception of which of the two one is relative to ones Union, can transform towards the Truth of the matter.

Third Party Situation

This happens a lot and is fully able to be solved with your own inner work. The third party can be showing you what you need to work on in yourself. Ask yourself what part of you is in a third party with yourself and heal that. Claim your Twin Flame, for sure when you’ve been already through the revelation process of their identity. This does not involve stalking or other negative behaviors.

Twin Flame Dead

I hear that now and then, that people have the **experience** which it is really the question if that is the definitive reading of that situation. This is a delicate topic but it needs to be addressed. In short, your True Twin Flame will always come into your life as a normal living person, when you feel the desire to be with them and have done the inner work required. Whether that be through a miracle or the revelation you had been holding on to a false Twin Flame in the past, nothing can come between Twin Flames in Truth.

Twin Flame Unkind

You hear this a lot: a Twin Flame can be unkind for sure. Turning everything around and knowing at the core you are one, sheds another light on this. You start to understand you can resolve this with your own inner work.

Twin Flame Other Sexuality

For sure possible at the beginning of things. The journey and the inner work (=the journey) will transform people also in their sexuality, surprisingly. Take it slow and feel your feelings.

Twin Flame In Other Culture

Happens a lot, is not the end of things, but the beginning of coming together in out-of-the-box ways that eventually are in-the-Union-‘box’ and therefore not weird at all but simply the ascended reality and your unique expression of that.

Twin Flame Has Other Religion/Worldview

At the end of the day you will have the same underlying values and similar complementary desires too: no need to panic at all, because everyone has a Harmonious Union in Truth and this’ll become your new worldview and even religion if you will.

Twin Flame Friendzoned Me

This can temporarily happen in a true journey, but it wouldn’t feel negative, you are invited not to feel it as negative by doing your inner work + understand the Truth will eventually fully surface: Twin Flames are ultimate lovers too plus teacher-student and mission partners. Keep on following the journey and all will be revealed.

Do Not Like Twin Flame

It’s good to be honest about how you truly feel about their actions and behavior. You can change that reality after this admission, by doing your own inner work.

Twin Flame Relationship Broke Up

Inner work will create your Harmonious Union from the inside out as a consciousness state that cannot be made undone anymore (except when you purposely chose against it and throw yourself away in the trash as if you’re Oscar of course!). This will in time make it so that you’re building a person to person actual relationship too (again, if need be).

Twin Flame Not Communicating

Where are you not communicating with yourself? Heal that and things will straighten out in time again in a harmonious way.

Twin Flame Ghosted On Socials

Same as above. Are you ghosting yourself in some area of your life that you may have not thought about before? This is a great time for deep healing. No worries because a True Twin Flame will heal as you heal.

Union Unbalanced

That’s why I advice and pass on the consciousness state of Harmonious Union, so that you’ll build from a harmonized place.

We Have Trauma

Happens a lot. Very many people have unacknowledged early childhood trauma, wounding, incomplete attachment, unfulfilled inner child needs or however you would want to call it and this is able to be healed in this Divine journey. Grown up trauma can also be present in one or both. It can present itself when doing the #KEY driven inner work. When it feels really huge and undoable, or you are continually stuck, that can mean it is trauma. But it doesn’t matter what it’s called, the point is to nevertheless move through those feelings, however stuck, big and undoable it may seem. Sometimes we don’t see the big stuckness that is trauma, **because** of the trauma. A teacher comes in handy here.

False Twin Flame

A relationship one has, that is not with ones True Twin Flame, but that fact is unclear to that person and they think it actually is their True Twin Flame. It can also have the feeling of it to that person, certain perceived signs even. But it still is a non-Twin Flame if it is not their own unique True Twin Flame. Because of the experience they are having, that it is their Twin Flame even though it is not, it is called a false Twin Flame. Looking closer at it, it is simply a person, can be anyone, and it is not your Twin Flame. Often when it is clarified to the person who is actually their True Twin Flame, they recognize it was a false one and they might use that term for that person as it was their false Twin Flame in their story of their journey of revelation and arriving in their True Union. He/she can be thanked, because they revealed what to heal, so you **will* go to your True Union now. Learn the lesson and move towards Harmonious Union.

144.000 Twin Flames

That is a great symbolic number to signify that there will come a tipping point in the oil stain that are people in Harmonious Twin Flame Union, relative to the amount of people still to come into that growing group. When this tipping point is reached, Twin Flames will be more mainstream in our cultures, to live in Harmonious Union. Because of that fact, it will also become more easy to reach the necessary consciousness, then it is now, relatively speaking. If you feel this is to be taken literally on a world population of 8 billion in 2023, who knows, the same story! Everyone is a Twin Flame; you’re not that special or elite besides that. At the same time it seems logic that the first to reach it, have a bigger chance to have sharing this consciousness as coach, as a mission.

Twin Flame Revelation

A personal Divine experience of receiving the Truth that follows 3 stages. Once this is established, nothing can make it undone anymore. Inner work will always reveal the same over and over.

Ending Separation

Physical, relational and consciousness separation release is after all is considered, the same. Maybe not in the second your core is healed from separation consciousness, you are also standing at the marriage altar together saying Yes at that exact moment – that would be in practical terms undoable in most cases. But in Truth, all things are possible in the end and with a little persistence and patience.

Twin Flame Signs Overwhelm

This can happen and will pass, when one follows the journey meaning doing the inner work. No matter the magic that happens under way, the core healing brings you the end of illusions and in fact sobers you up. At the same time, Divine Love remains the enormous power that it simply is. Now you’re One with it.

Twin Flame Age Gap

Twin Flames can have a significant enough age gap between them that it stands out but this is never going to be to such an extend that it defies the purpose and roles of your Union. It can be that social circles or societal standards are not entirely favorable to such outward appearances, but that does not stand in the way for this love union to be exactly what it is and be lived as such.

Famous Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is not famous, when you are not a world wide media personality also. Twin Flames have similar desires for their life (-style) and share core values. Being worldwide in the media every day is a certain choice that is not a general wish for the very most of people and thus Twin Flames.

Twin Flame Children

Your Twin Flames children are your children, too, spiritually speaking. And because Twin Flames are supposed to live their spiritual life as their daily life, you form an actual family together, no matter if they are physically conceived somewhere else. This of course doesn’t mean you need to be mean to other people involved.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union

State of being or of consciousness that represents one has healed their core into the vibration of where True Twin Flames reside and one also choses to do eternal life with them in all ways including a physical relationship. It is achieved after loving yourself into that vibration at the core to an enough degree. The order of development for Twin Flames is to go here (first) and then from there on out start to build a life together.

Twin Flame Mission

Your Union is here for a reason and this will become revealed to you around the state of consciousness of Harmonious Union. Often, this reason is the sharing of the value of this way of living itself, or something related, and this can perfectly become boundaried by growing an autonomous vehicle for the money flows i.e. a business.

Twin Flame Upsets

Whenever you are upset by them or by the journey, this is step 1 of your new KEY round to go through.

With the coming in of your Harmonious Union, you will see that your birthright abundance will start to flow in also. You can’t hold it back, because it is law. It comes from the revelation of your Mission, and you can guide this in well-working boundaries by establishing your Mission Business. Many known spiritual journeys do not have this aspect in place, and can even seem to advice against it. Your True Abundance is however sacred and eternal and will be peacefully enjoyed when you arrive.

Can’t you just learn energy work and arrive? Can’t you just learn some pop ideas about Twin Flames and simply arrive by itself? Can’t you just learn how to be an entrepreneur from one of the many online business teachers and do your mission like that? I would take the next level seriously on all levels and later, when you’ve arrived, piece all possible great things coming from other sides that you’d still fancy back in when you’ve gotten the True Union in its rightful place. There is clearly a reason that I teach Twin Flame Union and Mission Business in a fresh way.

Make Your Union Process Joyful

If there could be only One advise for your journey, then I would say let it be to make your union process joyful. It is not supposed to be a miserable experience and when it is, it is because of our blocks and resistance that was already inside of us and not the Twin Flame person or process itself. I understand very well that everyone goes through rough patches that can for sure seem completely impossible at times and that the healing Twin Flames call in is profound so the release of emotions that don’t belong is also ginormous; I have gone through it myself after all! But that doesn’t mean that the proces is meant to be a misery.

I’d like to make it a bit stronger: when it feels like a depression, like an unending negative situation, like an eternal curse to you, you’re not doing the inner work correctly and/or not investing in it enough, and/or you are not with the right teacher. Something’s up that’s not supposed to be there, in how the journey is supposed to be traveled. Because even though the journey consists of steps that include letting go of large chunks of trauma and grief and such, those steps itself are not defined by that which you are letting go of. Instead, they are by the moving forward towards the designated Twin Flame vibration where what you desire can start to take place in all dimensions.

& That’s a joyful experience!

Pleasurable even, because the accumulation of this good feeling goodness inside of you and your Union therefore, makes you more able to enjoy the good that is by definition present for you inside your Harmonious Union. Please, work with a teacher, healing system and community that is able to provide this for you and with you.

On such a correctly lead journey, you repair relationships and more importantly relationship itself inside of you. You start to finally relate to for instance toxic family members in a correct way, which can for sure mean that your new found boundaries work rightly against them acting in your life. You can forgive, you can accept, and you can also act to protect where Divine Love is. Your relationship with your True Twin Flame will start from there: very grounded.

Here, it is also good to know that your Divine Romance with them will not feel like an exciting trip, but rather a rooted sacredness that touches you intimately. There will come many instances where you will be able to distinguish both kinds of romance from one another, because there is a build-in educational process in your journey. Your definition of love and relationships will change with that.

All-in-all it is safe to say that your self perception will alter along the way. Whatever happens while traveling, don’t trash yourself, for instance because what you find in yourself is not that great temporarily for instance or for whatever reason. Don’t also project onto the world, others or me that I reject you. These are all consequences of what’s happening inside of you and that is the place where you can repair that. Especially after Harmonious Union has taken place for you: don’t trash it but instead maintain it no mater what it takes.

After Harmonious Union, often people get a large first-in-HU-healing to process, that could very well be the regression to early childhood trauma about attachment and the subsequent healing of it after which your emotional growth can recuperate from that young age to grown up. It is not so bad to go through this period alone and it will reflect very positively on your relationship with your True Twin Flame; it can also be gone through together and this can look like much more of an outward fight instead of an internal one, in which you figure this all out to completion. Eventually, both scenario’s are the same, because you are One at the core.

Seeing through this phase is also very joyful, because there in an intense addition to the capacity to experience pleasurable feelings and have that be the foundation of your building actions, after this has all passed. And you can do it, because other very human people also could. It’s all not so special that it can’t be you, too! Even though there are currently not many yet that have gone to their Harmonious Union and stay there successfully. And this statistic will change. May it change with the addition of you, now, too…

Joyful Inner Work

What would you feel most happy with, as Twin Flame inner work, things you can do to move towards your desired Union in your actual daily life:

  • doing a spiritual discipline

for instance meditation, praying, body practices done for meditational goals

There’re specific Twin Flame attuned spiritual disciplines proposed for you that are based in the Creative ID healing system and that at the same time sometimes borrow from existing, well-known traditions. You can find them in the Divine feminine Manifestation Secrets Course and the Sexual Magic Ecourse. There are also practices and meditations in the Starter Kit. And then there are mediations to be gotten on Bandcamp too.

  • doing daily KEY work

studying how to do this easy 4 step tool, executing your own series of KEYs every day, doing both version son the tool, working with the step 4 affirmations, adding the sacred Twin Flame and Mission decrees

The 4 KEY steps are shown in many of our online media and best explained in our community Your Abundance on Facebook, where you can also download worksheets that make it easy for you to execute, come to the monthly workshop about it, and so on.

  • picking a selection of daily life arts to attune yourself in

for instance journalling, playing a musical instrument, drawing, make-up and clothing style, nature experiences, cooking

Many of these approaches are taught for you in the year course Abundance Now, while there is lots of space for you to decide yourself what exactly they are for you and still be guided. Here, you create an entire lifestyle attuned to Harmonious Union, that also produces return on investment.

  • developing your Mission

for instance learning how to be a Twin Flame coach, organizing a project in which you test a certain service on real clients, starting to build all the different business elements needed for an autonomous entrepreneur

…and all four categories are also to be found at least partially in all of my work expressions.

You can do KEY and see an issue that needs much more work then only 1 moment and start doing a spiritual practice to support yourself move through it to completion, while understanding that in your daily life working with your food to make it fun, healthy and healing will greatly support you also and fill this grievous time with joy.

Meanwhile feeling your energy body change and purify, checking in with your energy field every once in a while also, because that is such a great temperature measurement system and aids healing greatly too, as a category that is not in the healing approaches as presented but part of all of them in their foundation.

Then as an extra you start an avenue of figuring out your mission and how to create a project to share it, every day for 1 hour and after a couple of months you start to see a clear direction coming up, which gives great motivation to your entire healing process.

Developing your mission attuned business, is guided for you in the Abundance Now course, explained to you in the Business Book and individualized in your VIP Sessions. Personal and spiritual development are at the forefront of what this way of attracting your birthright abundance entails, but it also clearly and detailed comprises of implementing logic and grounded structures that make things function.

These approaches are connected to the Creative ID energy points 8, 6, 4 and 2 respectively. Point 6 is the highlight of the Creation Code 128493756, because it has the last position, the outcome. KEY is taking them all in. Your choice for that tool is great. You could do the others too. (More on the Creative ID healing system in the book Nine Entrances to Conscious Creativity.)

Whichever you choose, or a combination of all of them, or different accents over time, your Twin Flame work is never in vain, because what is in the heart can be lived in the flesh fully. Doing this work with our systems guarantees you that your Union will come to expression. You can do the entire journey with us, not just a part of it or a hint of different elements. Feel welcomed!



The most joyful thing about your True Twin Flame journey is that you can not do it ultimately wrong. Whenever you uncover misalignments, however grave they may be, you can repair it, because your True Twin Flame is you at the core and you are always able to repair with yourself. Perhaps it takes a while before your self-corrected choice gives way for a new found bloom in the actual relationship, but it is perfectly doable.

You can’t go definitively wrong!

And you can come in Harmonious Union.