Why would you want to go to Harmonious Twin Flame Union – instead of ‘just’ Union?
  • In Harmonious Union, you are sure that you are with your True Twin Flame, not a false one. This means that you are investing your resources in your True Union and do not need to break up an entire life with mortgages, marriages, children and so on, later on in the journey, when you come to the realization of your True Union. It means you don’t need to go through the heartbreak of it all ever again, for yourself and other loved ones around you. It means you are being everything that you can be for your actual eternal partner and have the benefits of that joy fully returned to you because they are you.


  • You invest in your eternal and Divine identity. You are and grow into the only one correct person so to speak, that you in Divine light truly are and don’t need to bend back into another self perception anymore forever afterwards.


  • Now, you not only are with the right ‘body’ of the person that is your Twin Flame, sharing a physical daily life together with a house, financial life, sex life, family life and so on. You are also fully connected in your spiritual life together, no matter if one of you ‘does not believe in God’, or ‘hates religion’, or ‘is not spiritual’, for organic spiritual reality is all around us and does not need acknowledgement in a certain definition for it to be so. This will open you both for the true Joy it is all about in the first place!
Sounds attractive?
This is what I pass on. 🔥🔥