88 Twin Flame Healing Pod results

Session 1 When you manifest Twin Flame Love immediately… WATCH HERE

Session 2 Heal Twin Flame victim energy before it ruins Union! WATCH HERE

Session 3 The Twin Flame Secret you’ve been waiting to hear WATCH HERE

Session 5 Put your Twin Flame Energy Body on WATCH HERE

Session 6 Always turn your Twin Flame issue around WATCH HERE

Session 4 doesn’t exist as video, because that was a participants online live meeting.


In session 6 I talk about my friend and client Brittany, who arrived at the state of consciousness of Harmonious Twin Flame Union last January. This is her interview to tell you how that was for her.


First, you heal in your energy field. Then, it will manifest your desire from a healed beingness. This is how manifesting your Twin Flame Union works.

I advise seeing it like this: you go to the consciousness state of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and then from there on out, the physical materialization of the relationship with the True Twin Flame proceeds with ease and harmoniously. You’ll also be assured that it is your True Twin that you are investing your resources into.

Energy healing, to prepare your soul for receiving the state of consciousness that it is about, is what I love. Therefore, it also played a large role in this years sacred midsummer ritual in the Lions Gate, the 88 Twin Flame Healing Pod.

What I have seen in that sacred space, is that there is a valuable, even Divine present awaiting you, inside Union. I started to see how a shining core was laid bare, in the Heart of it. It dawned on me, that this core of your Union is the You. This asks a whole shift in thinking and feeling, when you consider the Union to be the You, and not your own body, your personal psychology and so on…

The Union is the new focus point in the ascended reality, becoming physical reality, that Twin Flames are about. Not the Divine Feminine is centre stage; not the Divine Masculine. It is your Union that is at the centre. And within that: The Divine!💕

The Divine wants to know itself fully and in all aspects. This is loving desire the Divine has. Therefore is needs two Twin Flames to express that, in an eternal dance. Intimately, harmonized and deeply peaceful.

This is what I saw. And that it is able to be lived right now, wherever you are on the journey and whatever the block, the trouble, the problem is that you find yourself sitting in front of. It is able to be lived in the flesh, because it IS already lived like that right now: you are already dancing!

This makes your Union process joyful. Distractions can fall away. Pain is here to recognize where the dance moves really are, because you process yourself away from it, when doing the inner work with KEY correctly. We don’t need to be holding ourselves so called steady anymore by grasping old patterns, but we can open ourselves.

Open, open, in a surrender until there is a breakthrough in the Heart. That is where your new step is being born. In this Lions Gate. 🔥🔥🦁


Thank you for participating!



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