When you read this, you are a Twin Flame. To bring this Truth forward, healing is needed. Not because you are behind in the state of the art of the way to live modern life and therefore basically an idiot. No, because this is not the daily life experience of the majority as of yet.

Living with your ultimate lover, best friend and life partner (including mission business partner) all-in-one, is something that is not yet the lived norm of our society. It is truly a way of being a forerunner if you do so, even if you are seriously on the journey towards it you are that.

Healing is what will bridge the gap between that reality, that is the ultimate and actual reality, and where we are now. That’s why it is the topic of the midsummer live event 88 Twin Flame Healing Pod. Because while I felt that would be great to bring back the summer ritual that I have provided in the past so many times already, it also felt right to provide a healing space for our friends at this time.

I’ll hold the sacred space. You can be in it, relax in it, take some alone time for yourself inside of it. Enjoy energy healing, oracle card reading, crystal healing, meditation in it. Play with journal prompts, execute some creative ideas. Feel more healed. Share about that in our Zoom Room if you want to. And it’s all possible online.

That is because the sacred space that I will open, is placed in Consciousness. This does not need a physical place per se, but it does require your active consent in the form of you coming to the Facebook group Your Abundance, and together with live video’s posts, Zoom Room sessions, it will be the context where we can communicate the energetic healing.

This event takes place in 24 hours on 8/8: the famous Lions Gate. This roaring opening to let in deeper vibration in the cosmos takes place every midsummer. The perfect time for participating in such a profound healing ‘pod’. Join us!

Schedule it. Come to our Facebook group Your Abundance by clicking that name. Get prepped further over there. And enjoy!

See you soon,