The deep end of December is perfect for inviting some Magic into your Twin Flame journey. That is because Magic is a conscious gesture of inviting the Miracle that is the Light of Union. This Light will come forward from your Magic and shine from your Heart into the dark days of the end of 2023 and enlightens the way to Union for you into 2024.

This is a great opportunity to come closer and try out the techniques and tools that I’ve been talking to you about, plus some more. So that you’ll experience for yourself what it is giving you and deepen your journey immediately. We’ll close it all off with attention for how you can continue to give yourself once the workshop is over.

Day & Time:

Friday December 22, Friday 29 December and Friday January 5 on 4PM-6PM Amsterdam timezone (London 3PM, New York 10AM, LA 7 AM, 8.30PM New Delhi, 2AM Saturday Sydney).


33 Euro per episode

or 77 Euro for all 3 paid in advance


Friday December 22 – Meditation & Healing

Friday December 29 – Create Your Magic

Friday January 5 – How To Move Forward

How it works:

I will send the link to the Zoom Room where the event takes place, accessible on any device with 1 click, to you when you have paid until 15 minutes before start time; check the email address that is connected to your PayPal. When you are insecure about how Zoom will work out for you, then beforehand try it out yourself by making a free account on (that you 100% don’t need for the workshop link but that can give you the opportunity to test the tech and how it works on your device).