Dear sensitive creative, dear friend,

Whether you are an inventor or an artist or a sensitive creative, intellectual or spiritual, creative out in the open or behind closed doors, I believe it is time to for us to break with the taboo on money. Money is great, money tastes good and money is beautiful. It is an inspired mass of value that is conjured up in numbers, that can pay your dream life. When you have a lot of it flow to you, you can be sure that you have added loads of value to your customers.

Unfortunately, this is a lot of the time not the case: money is scarce, it is barely enough or not enough for even the regular expenses. Money is bad and not discussable. Money is the topic of “whatever” and left out in the cold, because after all it is all about the product: the mental meaning of the work (of art), in inspired state of being that my performance creates. And how valuable is that contribution! I mean it really is. What misses, seems to be the physical translation of that value in…



Whether we call it Bitcoin, or Old Money or New Money, Bad Money or the Good kind. Whether we fault the banks or the rich there is inequality in the world. After all is said and done, you go back to yourself, wiser because of the insights the world of alternative thinking provided for you, enriched by the experiences of how the creative world is treated in the current economy (“Oh creativity is SO important, let’s pay you less then the minimum wage without any social security and much voluntary extra work on the side!” – alright I can explain where this comes from but let’s move on because this is depressing).

You go back to yourself and will break through your own taboo now: Money is Not Bad. You alone hold the magic wand in your hand that will draw your wealth to you in numbers that portray exactly how you see your Dream Life. Numbers are not “bed”. Numbers are Magic, even! How many of you are in fact seeing since years the numbers 1111, 12,12 or your own number. On signs, clocks, wherever. You feel guided and acknowledged by those numbers.

Numbers are mystic. They are intuitive. They have a magical working. They have the tendency to fill up with Value. And then when you propose them a goal: a number so holy it is written in dotted lines on your altar already before it came in yet… this number will work its way towards you now – in the form of money. Money in any shape or form – and maybe you believe one form is better then the other and that is alright, this will not make this principle less true.

That stays the same.


Breaking with the taboo was for me not needed badly for me. Ten years ago, I was completely engaged in putting out value, organizing gigs that inspired the audience, publishing books that people found beauty in and what not. But how exactly all these activities would provide for a true economic base of my dream life, was unclear. And how did these activities fall within my entrepreneurship exactly? Well, to be honest it wasn’t all that integrated yet. Although I knew my basics…

I worked on that challenge. The field of entrepreneurship in itself, turned out to be very inspirational, when you look at making holistic business work for you, including all logical and intuitive systems thinkable. Also, I found out you never are done learning in this topic as well! Business turned out to be another layer of creativity right on top of what I already had in the artistic sense…

Still, it wasn’t always easy to wave my final goodbyes to the Money Taboo, that apparently haunts the Landscape of Creatives. You may know how that goes… The literal or imagined faces of friends even, when you ask money, because… weren’t you an artist?! Oh my I still see it before my minds eye, how I would ask for more money in the creative sector but went away with even more “not-allowed” instead. Brrrr…

Happy THAT is over!

First when I said Goodbye and walked away withe even less because that better was for my self respect. No kidding!

And then, together with the willingness to invest, this turned out to be the basic recipe for Bloom.

I will no doubt tell more later about my adventures that made me wiser, but for now, the outcome is:

Creativity = not Crazy and…

Money is F*cking Holy!

It is sensitive creatives above all that deserve to make loads of it. And to break through their own money taboo. Your qualities go deep and broad. Your contribution is sensitive and attuned. You represent the new Being and the new way of co-creation as well.

But… How?!

Let’s do something about that together.

You can help me attune my stuff for you better. This is the survey for that research into that, would be lovely if you would fill it out (4 min.)! You get a present of 224 Euro value in return as well.

Much love and see you soon,