Creativity is a sign of art – and also of deep feeling and flow. On my journey through the country of these topics, I was working on the flow and feeling side of things for the past two years, for a worldwide very unique school rooted in the USA. This fit surprisingly well how I was already dealing with deep healing of the soul in my coaching: it was a great enhancement.

I in the end became their Student Dean, a sort of head master, and this was the perfect role, that fits my soul and desire for depth and flow incredibly well. But when being there did not fit any longer, because I am destined to lead my own school (something that was already clarified to me since the year prior of that time), I had been sitting on my couch for a couple on months.


Through the Depression

It was an amazing experience to go right through this experience, because it turned out this depression was leading me right through areas of the brain that needed healing and attunement with the Source of the Soul. Yes: for more creativity and ultimately, more money, because that is how this stuff really works.

This is how I became more Me by going through the problem area (where you feel bad). And this is how it is for everyone. It is a great relief to know that there is a ground beneath your trauma or fear, your anxiety or your insecurity. You get to a true refreshment and feel your own value.

For me, it became really time to take up the reigns to go build with all that I had collected over the years – to build wonderful opportunities for you with all those elements, and not just a couple of them: creativity, art, feeling, soul. Money, writing, health and magic. This journey in the end meant discovering that Prosperity was more the topic that fits, even!


A complete package for your Healing

Yes it would be great to help you – without having to go through or stick inside a depression, but when it happens, see it as a great opportunity for healing instead of a problem. Money healing will be on the other side. Money healing is energy healing is soul healing.

It is an interesting question whether one needs to invest as much time & money as I did: 20 years of initiation and around 50 thousand Euro in education. Because in the end valuable lessons are taught by Life and thus Free. But who doesn’t want to connect over their journey, and get the tools to bridge the gaps? That’s the investment right there.


Sensitive Creatives making more Money in 2020

It would be totally my honor to help you in 2020 to feel your Value and make more Money. Yes indeed: I’d love to help sensitive creatives, artists and spiritual people with an artistic kink to their natural Prosperity.


3 TIPS to manifest value as Money when you are a Sensitive Creative:

1 invest – Keep on investing in what you desire, because giving what you want to receive is a law of the universe that will provide you more of it in return.

2 understand yourself correctly – As creative or artist you own a power and a creativity that is much talked about in many segments of society; people talk about being authentic and being your best self and guess what: this is what creativity does! Your value is much bigger for others then you may currently believe. You are part of what is asked to move forward in society and the workforce broadly.

3 think bigger then your artwork alone – Your music, poetry and painting can absolutely stay, it deserves to be in the spotlights! It can be marketed better and priced higher. Social media can play a great role in that in 2020; for instance make Facebook Live video’s on your timeline these days, this is a new feature of Facebook that this will be promoted through the algorithm very well! But that as a side note…

See your work as an experience and a world, that people buy their ticket for, to be able to learn inside of it. What can people learn in your Creative Universe? Authenticity? Think autonomous? Whatever it is, understand that people that may currently be invisible for you, are looking for these qualities. <3 You are the provider of it.

You are also a provider of depth and of soul education. Of self discovery for others. This is the value that can become Money as a token of having helped your Beloved Tribe.

Can I help you with that?

Let’s keep in touch,

much love,