A couple of reviews from over 20 years time, as curated for you in 2020, in the topics: striking remarks heard over time; spiritual; life purpose; money; business; health; writing coaching; museum education; artists; poetry; music; performances.


Striking remarks heard over time

You are mysterious and artistic – and then to combine that with coaching. Exciting.”

“You have class Petra. What strikes me most is the rest you exude. The pauses you give way for. Very relaxed.”

I always want you as the group leader because you are always so very clear!”

I feel your power to really see (me) and your attention for that.”

She lives her artistry as an entrepreneur.”

Pleasantly provocative. Communicatively strong.”


“Petra, ever since the healing call with you, my posture has felt so much more natural and less forced. And I have felt so much more aware of my embodiment and less afraid of it. Thank you so much! Yeah, it’s a dramatic difference!” – Sage on an online Reset Healing workshop

“Wow… really beautiful… thank you so much dear Petra. I am lost for words because of it. The days after I had the online Magic Hub experienced with you, I noticed that my nausea and my head ache was gone. Also, that I felt so much more powerful in my ‘being’. Very special that the color light blue reappeared in the reading! The number 7 (my favorite number) was also a great surprise. I will read the Creative ID Reading again a couple of times the coming period… to have this also landed more inside myself. It is very deep what I read in it. Tangible. Touches my soul, is what I feel.” – Lorraine on a Magic Hub session and a Creative ID Reading in 2020

“The Creative ID Reading was amazing. I definitely cried while reading it.” – Brittany on a Creative ID Reading in 2018

“Wow Petra, I am speechless as to what I just received with the Creative ID Reading. I now understand why I had to do inner work to be able to technically receive it. This is a huge gift!!!

I am completed astounded at the accuracy of the report and feel completely overwhelmed with this huge piece of Truth that seems was handed to me on a silver platter. It is absolutely perfect and I love expressing the huge gift that this is for me right here.

It is a true treasure – God spoke to me through your report so beautifully! I am sure I will have to read it a couple more times to completely absorb the huge download of Divine information but so far: WOW!

I found it so hilarious that my Manifestation Card for Entrepreneurs was number 1, Hearing, and when you/God said: ‘Love is a vibration that can be heard such as you hear music also, and you are able to hear it right now specifically and you should take the time and silence to consciously listen right now…’ – I was literally listening to a playlist that makes me feel so connected and loved by Him! It was so Divine…” – Kristina on a Creative ID Reading

“I am genuinely deeply surprised by what you did on the soul level for me so that I was able heal in the places that were most important to me at that time.” – Participant in the individual program SOULlove in 2015

“Thanks for your bringing this beautiful Reset with The Master Christ session forward again. I really enjoy working with you, and I look forward the chance to extend it as soon as I can.” – Debo on an online Reset Healing workshop

“Thank you for doing this! Your Reset with The Master Christ meditations have helped me to bring myself back to my core values more!” -‬ ‪Liënne on an online Reset Healing workshop

‪“I really appreciated this. It helped me realize I still have blocks to loving myself and also motivated me to push forward harder.” – Brittany on an online Reset Healing workshop

‬‬“When you called in The Master Christ, I felt a strong feeling around my stomach and I saw a big Jesus-like figure.” – Gloria on an online Reset Healing workshop in 2018

“I want to thank Petra for the Reset Call with The Master Christ that she had with me on Friday! Oh My God: AMAZING work we did!

I wanted a Reset for my second year of teaching. It became a reset for my concept of my gender identity as well —TWO IN ONE! And as it turned out, Petra helped me discover that the upsets that made these two events problematic were the same: that I was placing expectations of problems onto my future, when really… there’s no reason to!!

Then, Petra asked me what I thought the biggest issue would be going into the school year, and I said placing boundaries seemed unreachable to me. She & the Master Christ figured out from there that I was afraid of my embodiment! So they guided me to be aware and accepting of my body and the safety of it.

Your posture will become more natural,’ is what Petra said, I believe, and that’s precisely what has happened since. I used to stress over my posture a lot, tweaking it, forcing it, deciding not to force it, re-forcing it… But now I don’t even have to think about it. I just feel so much more comfortable in my body now, and after so little time. I’m really grateful. Thank you!!

And God hid a special bonus in Petra’s fashion choices that day, too. She was wearing a red shirt with a yellow necklace on top. Last year, I thought that my problems as a teacher stemmed mainly from not being masculine enough but more specifically having a blocked solar plexus chakra. No confidence or self-worth.

But the whole year my supervisors stressed the need for structure and safety in my classroom. So now with this Reset the importance of the root chakra energy has been made clearer for me. It’ll underlie and support my solar plexus chakra energy and all the others, too. Hence the red shirt under the yellow necklace.

God really knows how to speak to me. Thanks Petra for such a perfect reset!” – Sage on an individual online Reset Healing session

“It was amazing, thank you.” – Granville on an online Reset Healing workshop

“I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful session today! I’m both honored and glad you reached out to me to offer your wisdom and guidance, you certainly have shown me yet another piece of the puzzle for my Life Purpose and Journey. Hope to find a way of working with you soon! I highly recommend Petra’s experience on soul level healing. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Debo on a Generational Curse Healing

“I had a healing session last week and it was VERY powerful! My life changed with this session… I decided to buy the second and third session Petra offers as well now because it was really awesome and since the end of first session I knew I had to go further with her. I am guided to do so. So when I saw the new offer I didn’t hesitate to go for it! We just wait few weeks so that the first session will be a little bit more integrated and then we’ll go for the second one. I recommend her really much!!! She is awesome!!! Thx Petra and thx God.” – Ines on a Generational Curse Healing

Life Purpose

“Petra Else Jekel has been the soft powerful teacher that I received in my life purpose work, she literally holds a similar energy of my Art Professor! How perfect! Her selfless love and support is divine and I am so grateful for that!” – Revati, artist and spiritual student in 2019

“Very inspiring; also intimate because we had only a few participants. We actually got to very deep conversations. The playfulness was attractive to me, in how you presented the Manifestation Cards. What I take home from this, is that I will print my cards and hang them on my wall so I can reflect on it even more. The message will thus truthfully stick with me. Because I found it striking how fitting those cards were for me. And therefore I feel admiration for your designed product. You were so relaxed and focussed on what was important to present. At the same time there was space for what would develop spontaneously.” – Anneke on a life purpose workshop with Manifestation Cards in 2014

“Nice atmosphere with an educational, interactive bringing across of a sort of an alternative tarot reading. The reading is very valuable for any authentic person. The additional value is your interpretation and the link with Business & Creativity. You are a beautiful, spontaneous and intelligent woman that knows what she wants. I have experienced again that Akasha (or however you would like to call this source of knowledge) is very versatile although it is in a simplified manner. Your knowledge about partially closing a situation (an insight that I got) was brought to me very clearly. That was exactly why I came to you. Very valuable for me and then for you so self-evident.” – Ray on a life purpose workshop with Manifestation Cards


“Very valuable to stop for a moment and research your true desires.” – Sandra on the workshop Reset your Money DNA in 2014

“I got new insights in myself. I learned that I have certain values, characteristics and personality traits that I feel proud of. It became clear to me that I can learn how to pair that with making money.” – Mireille on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

“You gave me much time and space and reacted very complementary to my remarks.” – Karin on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

“I heard nice and inspired things (and received ideas as well!). I have looked inside myself for a moment and have been guided towards places inside myself where I otherwise would not go.” – Annet on the workshop Reset your Money DNA

“There was a nice, relaxed atmosphere. – Would there be a circle where freedom flows to your self worth and identity and then to freedom again?” – Lars on the workshop Reset your Money DNA


It was exquisite to do.” – Ingeborg on a Creative ID clarification session for her business communication around 2010

Petra is very clear about complex situations and challenges. She had a de-stressing impact on me. Her clarifications are always detailed and understandable. Past few months I learned a lot about what is needed for an entrepreneurship on the basis of myself and at the same time high business level. That wasn’t always easy, but eventually I was able to make some essential and break through decisions on both business and personal level.” – A business coachee from the innovative and completely newly born, international cryptocurrency scene in 2017

You let your feelings flow, found clear words and knew how to touch the core of the matter in a few sentences.” – Alice on a networking event

My project started summer 2015. The project that I brought up, and under her supervising in coaching and advice wanted to refine, was the formation of a platform for cooperation between businesses in the field of building, living and experiencing, called Het Duursaeme Huys (The Sustainable Home). It was meant to grow into an inspiration and co-creation centre where consumers and participants would meet.

During the coaching program, Petra has guided me to look many times at the importance of a correct formulation of Mission and Vision and has offered many ideas. This stimulated me to continue to look at certain crucial elements and also very much to present them right. Presenting your ideas in such a way that it encapsulates your own personality and have it be thus come across authentic and trustworthy. In other words: be your message. Understand your own message fully to the core.

Halfway through the program, my input took a turn to a new direction because a fresh chance had come onto my path, to take over a local book store. From that moment on, the focus went instead to the ins and outs of the book industry and the possibilities to take the projected bookstore to a new level, give it innovative impulses and find creative ways to finance this move. Also, she brought me into contact with experienced colleague booksellers with whom I had the chance to consult as well. In this program, I experienced a very helpful and direct assistance of Petra.

To conclude, I would like to state that I advice everyone to take her coaching to make your project to a success.” – Sjaak on the Creatieve City program

It was a stimulation for new action and focus.” – Arno on a workshop

Congratulations! We are delighted to confirm that after the in depth review of nearly three dozen applications, you have been selected for the startup pitch during our Amsterdam event (18-Feb, 2015, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam). This was an incredibly difficult pitch round and many qualified and talented startup ideas were submitted. Our judges believe that The Blockchain Incubator has incredible potential.” – Tiffany Madison, coordinator of d10e conferences all over the world

”The personal gain I got from this internship, was foremost the insight I got in the conversations I had with Petra and my extra mentor she assigned me, Alice.” – Lize, Master Student Art History at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in 2011


Your online interview on food and body reset was very inspiring with an element of maturity I have not expected from a woman of 37 years young. Your verbal modality in expressing your feelings and experiences is way supreme in relationship to your group age.” – Yoasha followed me through a 108 day Spiritual Fasting Period in 2017

My brain fog has been disappearing and I notice I can start eating certain foods again without having sensitivity issues like I was. I feel my Twin Flame in my heart now and I experience a growing clarity in my entire system.” – Brittany on the Master your Miracles series

Writing Coaching

Petra guides and leads the right way. She really made me contemplate about important issues.” – Writing coaching was the perfect way to share serious feedback with this participant in a very respectful way.

A whole new universe, exciting and inspiring. Business wise I can now add an enormous vision for the future to my already existing ideas.” – Cornel on writing coaching

The exercises in style and rhythm were very educational and fun to experiment with.” – A participant in the book writing year course BOOKdecoder

“I became more conscious of rhythm and sound in the stories. Also it seemed to work wonders for me to write my mind empty in ten minutes.” – A participant in the book writing year course BOOKdecoder in 2014

The insight I take home with me is that I am allowed to write more loose and personal in style. Coaching that I can definitely use in my business!” – Stephanie on a writing workshop

”Something like this I definitely need now and then especially from someone more experienced then me. I for sure can work with this. Yes, this is inspiring me again. Thank you.” – Jelou, a poet that received coaching around 2010

Museum Education

”We really learned something!” – A group of college students participated in my museum education around 2010

“People that truly love art, even have a passion for it, I never forget.” – Wouter, musician and organizer, let his group participate in my museum education

”You have let us experience art in a very different way and brought us to become active in the perception process. Very successful!” – A group of women participated in my museum education


”Petra is energetic. In the workshop I stepped out of my comfort zone and therefore have made it bigger.” – Laurens, visual artist

”What pleasantly upset me was that I now understand that my visual art takes on many forms, but is in essence about the same every time.” – Kea, visual artist in 2009

”It was a big pleasure having this long intense conversation with you about my work.” – Sebastian, visual artist about whom I wrote in a museum catalogue

”I really have to let you know that I feel you do this very well, the interview about my artistry.” – Janet, visual artist in 2006

”I feel your power to see (me) and your attention for that. That I can use this power for myself makes me really happy.” – Emmie, visual artist

”An enormous achievement and also very true!” – Karin, visual artist, about my scientific research Kunstenaar Zonder Evenbeeld (Artist Without Mirror Image) she played a role in

”Her many questions brought me to give more explanation about my work through which the essence could fully develop in understanding before it was written down in the museum catalogue.” – Paul, visual artist
 in 2012


“The lines are melodies, or walks, through a landscape. I call them, thinking about Bruce Chatwin, songlines. The rusty red points to the ‘oer’, the Dutch name for an ancient and iron holding layer of soil – and of course the connotations this gives around starting, primordial and so on. Oer is a great title for a debut.” – Pascal Cornet, literary critic

”The word tracks seem to want to show, how living and dead nature is connected to one another in all ways and spill over in one another, or how the cultivated human, sometimes against his own will, is part of nature.” – Dutch Foundation for Literature on poetry collection Oer

“I really love your poetry collection Oer because it invites me to read it differetly every single time and therefore I experience each time another walk through the landscape. I enjoy wandering around in your book and to follow the trail of the page suggestions. Wandering without getting lost.” – Emmie, poet in 2010

“The associations I got were not always happy. You write a lot about (blooming) wounds. But I love the beauty of your rhyme and word choices, like for instance ‘watercattle’ and ‘but when I write about love, poison creeps into my pen’. Poems from an intensely sensitive and touched woman.” – Ed, poet

”You do not shy away from eroticism and you describe it in an exciting yet mysterious way. With you, sentences feel very exciting and sexual somehow. It’s special to be able to do that. I know from my own experience how hard it is to put erotic content and sexuality in words in a just way.” – Stickerdichter, poet

”If there is anything like sensory and physicality in poetry, then we will find it in the poems of Petra Else Jekel.” – Adrie Krijgsman, poet and publicist

”It is not the world that is written about, but a world is written.” – Ronald Ohlsen, author and literary critic around 2001


”WOW beautiful! #honeydrop The combination of music and poetry makes it a beautiful whole.” – Gerjanne on one of our tracks with Audiopoëzie (audio poetry)

Beautiful yet dangerous.” – Wilma listened to Audiopoëzie around 2010


”A sparkling performance. The public that was present was very attentive.” – Saskya, organizer of the context in which I produced and directed a multi media group performance

”Overwhelming. I became fully immersed in the atmosphere.” – Two women that attended one of the multi media group performances that I produced and directed under the title Poetry Plus around 2011

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