About: MEconomy & the worldwide financial Reset

Dear friend,

It is wonderful to see how many are creating new endeavors and are now making online gatherings come true. In the first half of 2020 where we are worldwide in a quarantined situation. Many artists and entrepreneurs are transitioning their focus and making sense of the latest happenings at least in the structure of working. Conscious high potentials adjust the entrance to their work that they are faithful to through difficult times.

I myself start to feel like I strangely have prepped many years for a period like this, seen the initiations I underwent, ultimate health wisdom I gained first hand and investments I made in how to build a steady business. I am truly amazed now, how this guidance seemed correct. This seems to grow into a great period for stepping up and giving input. Do you feel this too or does that sound like an insult to your perception of crisis?

You can be sure that underneath of all the distress and difficulty that we handle with great precaution these days for a good reason of course, there is in fact a positive reason for it all. Negative forces are being removed as we speak worldwide. This is not channeled or guidance, but researched and brought in conversation with me by wisdom resources that I guide (instead of the other way round).


Financial Reset

Never has there been a better reason in the outside world for that I in 2014 invented MEconomy and started with the (money) Reset concept, that was in fact derived from my art, from my poetry, in which the idea of ‘Oer’ (Primordial) plays a big role since as long as I can remember. MEconomy states to build your own economy from your core out, using your unique soul qualities in a creative way. I predict a new worldwide monetary system to come about the coming years that will collide with this personal approach.

The new financial base will be clicked in with the soul.

This feels very peaceful. For me personally it is intensely peaceful because it gives so much hindsight reason and meaning for having changed direction with my research team in 2011, prepped by new investments in being educated in holistic business until 2014, then continued with presenting MEconomy, that a few hands full of people have enjoyed parts of as of yet ever since.

It is truly the soul where things start to flow in a permanent peace, not in the ‘we’, that comes after the ‘me’ – very quickly and naturally though so no worries for the socially inclined! It is more like: who do you place the oxygen mask first on when you are flying a broken plane with your child? You know the answer: yourself.


Life Artists as Magicians

Only solutions that are peaceful on every level are able to integrate into your being solid enough to withstand eternity. Many sensitive creatives have been researching and testing alternative money systems, and so did I: I went into cryptocurrencies in other words Bitcoin and researched many (fringe) ideas such as the sovereign movement in which people declare themselves officially free from states and their jurisdiction.

I am sure this has been swirling around you as creative as well since 9 years, I am sure you must have picked it up somehow like I did kind of thorough. I do not address artists (alone) with ‘creatives’, instead I summon the creative power in everyone forward by saying so. I summon the life artist and also the creator in yourself. The archetype of the magician that lives in everyone but slumbers perhaps…

It is time to awaken it and start to create consciously. For this, I’d like to start with the saboteur and neutralize it, so it is more easy for the money magician to step forward. The one that stands in the way in yourself so you can not let your birthright abundance in: your love-related-money. It stands in the way with destructive thoughts and unpleasant emotions.

You can acquire the Reset your Money DNA audio meditation when you fill out the survey. This truly helps!