Some years ago, there were projects around artists and teaching creative skills to people. All-in-all they did work but not work out fully. Artists did not have money to spend to learn what this was about and did not yet see the value. People who agreed with me on the surface went other directions it was not about and did actually not know it what it was about, as it was always about something very specific that comes through me. What I saw before me was that high level artists could study the spiritual based (meaning profoundly anchored) teaching and become coaches, and professional sectors in society would become clients to it to become enriched and eventually make more money too in alignment with that.

This was one of the directions I researched. It did not really work yet, because it seemed that the elements did not come together yet. The high level artists were not the same people as the ones that would desire to learn spiritually profound new information and the professional sector was not ready to really get into it as well. Then I was not yet equipped to bring it together also, one could certainly say. But what was not yet, can still come. I just needed to choose what direction to take for further development. That came down to the spiritual route, and seeing who would click there, and deepen that journey.

It has been a disappointment to see that I thus had been going to the ultimate deepenings in that Path, meeting with the Masters and making come true for myself and some clients the manifestation of these inner levels on the outer and at least start to make that come true and be guaranteed of it (while it sometimes is also a patient business, still! but when it is already guaranteed to you spiritually that is really of a different kind then you’d think)… and leave all those people behind somehow. Would have been easy to follow me..?! Yeah, nope.

Artists were not per se the alchemists I thought they were because that is a shift towards the inner that not many really make or are known with however they may portray that image on the surface in some way. So the alchemists I was more in tune with, were a specific kind, that really understood the art of life and would be ready to be committed to such a thing as well. Then I would later see how to re-incorporate art and artists; shift focus again to that grand specialty of mine to work with artistic identity and teach how creativity encompasses life later on when the transformation of a group of alchemists had occurred to an enough degree…

The alchemists I mean are:

  1. open to a new level of understanding life that is equipped to bring you to ascension
  2. desiring to research real ways to their ultimate partnership to co-create with and in
  3. desiring to only exchange value in soul money so that the organic value is retained eternally

… and what we can offer is a Path, which means a structured journey. You’ll make real steps and arrive at your fresh States of Being. There is one easy 4 step way to start this up for yourself, and that is KEY.

I still attract creatives, sensitive ones, that are open to reconsider their mission in life: could it be that your actual mission is your artistry seen broader, too? Perhaps your idea was always to have your creative designs and products on the forefront, and without needing to let that go, can it additionally be that a bigger over-arching assiting-people-with-your-sensitive-creative-and-understanding-nature (in-exactly-your-unique-way!) is actually also asked forward in this new time?

Yeah, like that: <3

You can start yourself up right now, with KEY and the other perks that come with our online community called Your Abundance on Facebook. Get going with the worksheet, a video, a free workshop and more.

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