Homesick out of nowhere? You may be on your journey grounding in your deeper self without even realizing.


1 You have a deep urge to go home

Having a destiny urge is the main sign of being sure you are on the journey Home. This is a mixture of a heart felt intuition and a relentless gut feeling that there is *something* for you out there, a place exists somehow that feels truly yours. There is a feeling of being magnetized to it, however you don’t exactly know what that is or where that is: it’s pulling on you any way. And it does not let go, no matter what you have tried and done before. Perhaps you’ve tried to rid yourself of this sensation even, multiple times potentially, because it is a true intimate melancholy but sometimes also a nuisance, especially since this feeling does not seem to part from you. It’s sticking no matter where you go. Like used up chewing gum you are always elastically catapulted back towards its strawberry flavor. Yuk! Yeah, so better embrace it, take it inside of you wherever you go, and visit some true strawberry fields in the weekend ahead to sniff some real fresh air instead, because you deserve a time out to learn to accept that it’s not going anywhere. This feeling sticks with you until you through the acceptance of it, go deeper and thus arrive. That’s a decision, and it’s then also a process.


2 You feel like moving places yet you are also staying

Ever felt this unrest inside of you, so that you keep on looking for a new place to live, a better or simply alternative apartment or flat, or do you feel drawn to go live in a yurt in the fields, a tiny house potentially, or is that not enough for you and emigration is more what you are dreaming of at night before dozing off to sleep. You want to find this… home somehow. A place is where you find your home, isn’t it. Maybe you should go to tropical regions, eat fruit all day and live like in paradise. To some that sounds like a fraud and for others that is genuinely something to try out for a while. Until you uncover that home is – cheesy or not – in the Heart really, and moving will only mean that your outer circumstances change, meanwhile your Heart travels with you wherever you go. Often we eventually feel that we long to live where are ancestors lived; living is a very physical thing and your dan has a natural say in matters. But the soul…. the soul simply wants to be acknowledged in the Heart Space. And the Heart Space is You.


3 You felt the calling of the Twin Flame in your heart

The whiff of love enters your heart and you have this sensation… It feels like you know this so well, it feels certain and lovely. Light and still serious at the same time. Could it be Love? Is Love calling you? Is the grand once in a lifetime lover out there awaiting you? Yes he is (or she of course). But wait, no, it’s actually the True Twin Flames energy that inadvertently flew into your space, because this certainly feels eternal man! No this can’t stop at the end of life, it comes from a place far more rock solid then that. You can simply smell it with your ‘sixth sense’, that is actually your Divine Inspiration. It feels like love and like unconditional too, as if there is a space so vast and so unique at the same time that will simply hold you and free you simultaneously. Could a human to human love like this even exist? Is that not too much to even ask for? But wait a minute now… You felt it already, right in your own chest. So it must be true. Because it is true already. It comes a with a natural yearning, for this whiff to return. Because you may not feel it consciously in each moment. And a longing may surface to make that promise come true. Eventually you start to understand that it is your desire to live this. Because this is Home.


4 Something bigger then you is awaiting

You are sure: there is a certain mission for you to accomplish. Even when you don’t know the exact words yet to describe it with. It for sure has to do with a future in which the world you live in has changed and peace prevails in society. Not that it already looks like that, far from it, but you’ve got this role to play in this future and there is an intuition for that role. You’ll assist others and together you celebrate a way of being that has until now not really surfaced. It’s certainly a movement that is bigger then you yourself, yet you can only do what it to be done by you, which has a specificity to it that needs working out as well. It asks for a clear cut Mission in fact, that also aligns with your deepest inner core so that it rings True and will be sustainable over any amount of time – even into your next life or lives should you not yet be out of those after this one. This Mission feels like Home, it feels like it’s gonna bring you there at the same time. It will also provide you the means to go Home, like you could with the money you get s exchange for your assistance (Soul Money!) move to a better suited place and have more support on your side to be able to execute your role as well, such as grocery deliverance and preparation of real food meals, someone to skillfully watch and teach your kids while you assist clients, buy marketing assistance too because that is a lot of work and asks for specific skill sets as well (just some examples). These are all the movements of Home.


5 There is a Knowing inside of you

In your heart there is this knowing. Perhaps you sense it in your third eye instead. Wisdom, laid bare just like that, made accessible it seems so that you now understand that this is the information that guarantees your journey Home will lead to arrival. And that is true. You definitely will. With the right tools, the correct social atmosphere, persistence, patience, armed with your own inner work and your own choice that is powerful beyond anything else. You will arrive home, be there with your True Twin Flame, while doing your Mission that makes sure you are supported to exactly what you uniquely need. This new world will take shape then.

You deserve choosing this Home!


Your destination urge will lead you there.