The deeply assisting invisible can become the groundwork of your life – including such concrete expressions of value as money – when you use emotional strategizing.

To have this be a Soulful, even Divine event, rather then a manipulative one, you let the strategy come from Divine Wisdom. To make this easy, there is a system set up for you.

When you tune into the Magic of #128493756, the following is what you will walk through as stages. But before we get to that foundational text that will talk you through any issue, I’d like to give you an instruction:


0 – think about your goal

1 – write the numbers 1-9 down and connect every number with an action step that seems logical to take successively

2 – however we all know how we can get emotionally stuck on the road to manifesting a goal at so many stages and therefore you will not only be helped by the text nudges that will talk you through that emotional stage by emotional stage of your journey, that we will get to in a second, but you also will now change the order of the journey so that the emotional journey becomes magically easy, and even ultimate

3 – change the stages you noted down to this order: 128493756

4 – when it does not seem to make sense now, start any way and see along the journey what the REAL (spiritual) meaning actually turns out to be of the action steps under 1

5 – come back here and post your feedback <3


The first line of 9 actions we’ll call Creative Order. The second, altered line of actions to take, we’ll call Creation Order.

I Creation Order 1 Creative Order 1

Accepting yourself and the situation as it is completely is the basis of any process of transformation towards results. Feeling the deep sense of destiny that comes with this full acceptance comes with a sense of longing that may not yet be fulfilled and that is an asking to the universe, to the Divine, to move in the favor of the All including you, you as the center of perception in the All. In the longing the homecoming is felt and included.

II Creation Order 2 Creative Order 2

Allowing yourself to see the truth of the obstacles, difficulties and lessons to be learned gives the depth and thus perspective to your journey that will allow you to both progress as well as be realistic and not get lost in your dream outcome. Include your sense of where you come from into where you desire to go and ponder what needs healing the space back to your origin on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane. Be thankful in advance for the healing that you accept in and see as done.

III Creation Order 3 Creative Order 8

What catches your attention and puts your heart on fire as seen from a grounded place? Formulate ideas, visions and universes that feel right to you and feel free to think through their logic, responsibilities and consequences. Let the world you are creating be so real for you, that you think and feel it in every moment, because you are it. Allow yourself to make choice based on inner faith stemming from this knowing, start to seriously cut yourself lose from what it is not on all levels and start to act with and within boundaries that fit your creation to a tee.

IV Creation Order 4 Creative Order 4

Make your world view and consequential project real by acting the steps that you feel and think when you are going on your way with unwavering faith, so that what you mean becomes visible, audible and understandable on all levels for others. See through the process that it is for those at this time that resonate positive with it and not for those that don’t without falling away from your own path leading to a destination. Find your space of peace within your Being and allow for the movements of the moment without attachment.

V Creation Order 5 Creative Order 9

Surrendering into the created reality where there is nothing to really act on because it is a being in the first place, makes that you let the Source of All take over. This will reshuffle your life and project on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual completely in unknown ways that you cannot control. You open your arms to receive the changes and the blessings and start to see that both are the same. The reality sets in that you are standing in your blessed value and it keeps on raining more additional proof of that onto you and everyone that stands with you.

VI Creation Order 6 Creative Order 3

A surge of energy will be experienced and you can allow it to take you where it wants to go, and with faith you see that it will elevate your elements to a new level of (self-) respect. Divine Value will start to unfold in new ways, so that it dawns on you that Heaven is an actual place on Earth, made by your self acknowledgement on the soul level and surrendering yourself until the perception change it brings as a result, collides with the Truth to such an extend that there is little difference between them. Sweet tastes of simply being here are brought to your attention in new ways that you never foresaw.

VII Creation Order 7 Creative Order 7

Relaxing the brain, mental energy and consciousness connected to it, shifts your thoughts into new directions. This gives you the conceptual power to steer your thoughts into an order that supports your being and that of the entire creation in the world of your choice. By allowing this new mental flush and order coming into being, you can start to arrange for mental spaces that have a clear value and claim the materialization of that value as a result. This is the mental space of time and money the occludes the value that is shared. Consciousness translated into boundaried segments support in a concrete way your creation.

VIII Creation Order 8 Creative Order 5

Leaning into what you have now established in your process of creation, you open yourself to the support of Source and see how the workings and results embed themselves into the universe. Reading the findings as supportive and allowing yourself the blessings of this clarity, grounds your creation further into the web of universal Truth. An intimate exchange can now occur from heart to heart between you and others, and the subtle movements of this co-creation will be recognized and valued appropriately. There is wholeness that comes over all that participate and a sense as if this was always already meant to be and will eternally be as well.

IX Creation Order 9 Creative Order 6

Healed communication will emerge from this place, that will make sure a mastery of relating can commence on all levels. The subtle vibrations of what we can share as human beings come clearly on the frequency of the Divine. You tap into the All yet at the same time into the very particular, individual and human too at the very same time. This ultimate correlation between the axis of the human and the Divine, has as much sharpened as softened communication here, so that Truth can be delivered that is Love. In this ongoing process of masterful reciprocation that can truly start here, you will find your goals made flesh in an eternal movement of Divine energy.


Those were the stages of this emotional strategizing process.

You have now made it to the end!

Let us know how it goes for you. (A realistic life changing goal could take up to 3 months per stage.) <3