Nature shows us how abundance will be achieved. It is something natural. I really love that returning to your soul nature is … natural.

Now it seems that we then do not need any advice on that. – Or do we?

But many processes have often led us away from what is the most easy and efficient abundant way of living. So I myself did hear some advice on how to let the natural blessings of life in and I would love to pass that on to you today in this letter.

Story Time!

On my birthday, last month on May 5, I went to a wonderful spa and after an amazing massage, I sunk down in one of their hot tubs and to my surprise I saw a wagtail bird flying around that lived in the plant who’s pot was sitting right next to my water bath. At closer inspection, the beautiful black and white bird had a nest inside the plant and six, small, precious, blue eggs were inside of it. About this story I made a ten minute video:

Those precious little blue eggs with light brown speckles, I felt, were some sort of presents. For my birthday perhaps. They were messages from the Divine. So I tried to sensitively read them out for you.

1 Allocate your money only where the Divine says

The blessing can reach you when you start to listen and do what is the message. Every time you are before a money spending question, ask the Divine if this is a right investment that will bring back to you thousand fold. It does not matter how small the amount is that you were going to spend: 1 Euro is already a daily meal for someone out there and knowing whether you should give it to something or someone may make all the difference. Only give where the Divine says you should give, otherwise you get relationships that are not functioning right or not according to Divine Order. This influences your openness to your Divine Inheritance money flow – and not in the way that you want.

2 See Source Magic also in the not-goal moments, in the below zero

Source Magic is within every moment, whether you spend or get paid, invest or receive. It is the Golden Flow of energy that money can be and is invited to become for you. When you interrupt this Golden Light then you sabotage yourself. Maybe there are moments of an empty wallet yet the light still moves. You focus on the light. Then the eventual creation of money will be the best for you & for all.

3 Do write down the big money goals, do make that moodboard with the ultimate life and write that list, also when later it comes out that some of the elements belong to your True Twin Flame that will appear naturally for you on this Path also

YES! I say yes yes yes, because the True Twin Flame is the only place where Oneness is actually a correct experience that is not codependent (except when you have a codependency issue, then this will also become best solved within the particular one-off Union).

Wow the wagtail bird really made me summarize some vast and deep topics here, in energy, in money! But gosh there it is.

And there is even more:

4 Make possible that money can flow through your life, set up structures of techniques, ways of dealing and emotional plus mental clarity

To retain your blessing when you can accept it in, you will need structures in place. Business structures. These ways of dealing with situations are both emotional AND technical at the same time. When you emotionally need a boundary to prevent a person to walk over you for instance, there are business structures to be put in place to prevent such a thing. This can be done with the full business method for you life artists that are alchemists 😉 that I am about to complete for you and bring out in the theory & workbook ‘Get Your Business Brain On’.

5 The truth is you’ll need to do the inner work for the financial vibration of where your Divine Inheritance lies as a business action too

The wagtail bird is right. To bring his blessings into flow and move towards you automatically, this is key. There are some important notes on this: it does not mean to push the emotional scale up towards amazing ecstasy; it rather means to accept where you are and process that emotionally fully until you are in the peace of the beyond space (beyond reactionary emotion) where the vibration is always the right height for the moment for you.

To assist you in this eternal development to your Ultimate Soul Abundance, you use the tool KEY: 4 easy steps to go through and get to the ultimate sensitive heart space of your Divine Inheritance. Find KEY in the Story Highlight or Featured Section with the first aid kit on the personal profile of Petra Else Jekel on Instagram and Facebook, and listen to a great explanation in video in our Facebook Community Your Abundance accessible through the link provided in the social media profiles related to Petra Else Jekel and Creative Universe, you can also simply go here. Besides on social media (where it is thus always available for you when our on there too!), you can also read the outline in this blog right here.

6 The intentional fallacy is a blessing, too!

Yup, things can look the same, but be different in Being (or: State of Being). That is what we mean with this. A sum of money can represent your Divine Blessing or be stolen and lead the thieve to even lesser of actions while spending it. The pile of coins looked the same to the superficial onlooker, but was inherently different. For “pile of coins” you can also put other things in place, such as house, and even partner: up to you and your situation that asks for deeper insight so you can process with KEY and let go what is no longer needed. The other way round, this “law of intentional fallacy” means that when you shift to Divine Soul Money, you can still work with money and be active in society; you don’t need to shy away from it per definition, which is by the way the same for or a Divine Marriage.

BONUS blessing

Comes to you when…

Already being fulfilled and happy NOW not when you “have it”.

Yes, the wagtail bird is kind of clear on this, too. & This is possible: the Spiritual Wagtail Bird Spirit makes this possible for you when you tune into his energy. This is crucial component, and being genuine in it too, in the soul (not the ego). It is possible to choose what you set out for yourself (the moodboard, the list, the goals) and at the same time be in the space of being fulfilled with the now not only when you have it. It is possible for you, too! This is how you bless yourself.

It’s in Your Hands now.

Or your wings… to fly free!