Dear Soul Tribe of Sensitive Creatives and Spiritual High Potentials,


Are you tired of fighting for your small business money as spiritual, author, coach, speaker, healer, creative, and do you want to manifest your One True Divine Abundance so that your spiritual and business journey (over time & fully) collide?

Then follow my new Webinar:

How to take the Shortcut to Your Abundance on the Divine Money Path: 4 mistakes that people make when combining money and their spiritual journey. Learn how to avoid them and arrive in your Ultimate Money Life guaranteed in 5 years on 5 levels.

At the end of the webinar, I will show you how you can make use of expert guidance and give to yourself the rock solid and healing hearted embrace to come home into, that makes it attainable on an eternal base.

I’d like to give you 2 bonuses on top of that. You will in fact start your Shortcut Route with Divine Assistance; and: you will learn how to on that journey avoid the all-important BONUS mistake.

The webinar will be explaining, experiencing and giving insight. It will leave you having activated this solemn Path, so that it will immediately work to your benefit on the conscious and unconscious level.

So, to recuperate:

  • a new way to tune into your ultimate money vibration
  • be a professional and at the same time on the spiritual journey
  • start immediately, have your energy activated IN the webinar
  • learn the 4 mistakes on the journey to avoid + 1 BONUS
  • learn what it means to get expert guidance

And furthermore, this webinar is truly for you if you have fully read this until here. I’d love to take you in!

Time, Date & Reservations

Take some quiet time for yourself on Saturday May 29th 2021 on 11AM Amsterdam time or CEST or UCT+2 (translate to your timezone with an online timezone converter if needed).

Let me know your desire by answering


and I will hand you the registration link, you fill it out and voila!


We will see each other very soon.