This blog refers to the Creative Universe YouTube video The True Twin Flame Series about Divine Love, Episode 1: When you don’t know this you can never come in Union with the True Twin Flame & The Deeper Truth of Life.

This is a fun video of 25 min and I recommend watching it:

Yet you can see that I talk about a picture that I drew, but it is not really visible. Lol!

Well… here it is:

And here is your outline in text, maybe also handy:

Knowing what the Twin Flame Union even is, is important. How else would you be able to make come true this dream of the ultimate partner in all ways? The whole point is, that it is not the personal good feeling soul deepening point of the personal development, where the connection point is, but the deeper beyond point is where they are.

They are not at a good relationship in the social emotional sense (only), this is why it is still so mysterious for many (as not yet come true), yet also why it feels so deep and true and is the most intense homecoming experience a human being can experience on the manifested plane.

But if you get this, that could be a step in the direction of reformatting yourself so it will be attainable. A start can be to admit that you don’t know yet what that connection point really is.

You can come to feel whole on the so called lower level but you are only complete in the fullest sense of that word on the deeper level; this gives two layers of you to balance out as One, which means to exorcise them.

That can give confusion as it is both in a sense important. You can click the deeper layer in but now you are still repairing your soft skills and energy body and this keeps on asking attention. Or you have your behavior and communication pretty much leveled on a nice heart felt level but now your Twin Flame journey still needs to become completed, in the sense of your Twin Flame is not here yet with you, or is not harmonized with you when you are already together, which is sort of the same as it does not really matter that much if you are in different rooms of the house in your daily life but what is the difference is, are you harmonized at the core yes or no.