Number 3 is “I did not believe I could have it” and involves brainwashing… But number 5 explains it all!!!

These are my 5 biggest lessons I learned on the Twin Flame Journey, that I am currently in the course of finishing. They at the same time refer to general pitfalls. I share this so that you don’t need to fall in these pits yourself!

The True Twin Flame is the person that has the same soul blueprint as you and therefore your natural partner in all ways you can think of and that you desire to be partnered in your life. Many feel the call to go on the journey to be with them at this time, yet not many arrive (easily or yet).


I believe in You

Recently I realized that I had never heard anyone say they believed in me and really mean it. Not when I was a child – and early and developmental trauma healing had me go back in detail -, but also not as grown up, where I encountered primarily saboteurs to mirror the atmosphere of my youth.

I did have two true teachers though, one could argue, and then we have Divine Mother and the True Twin Flame itself, also two teachers. Alright they said good things, but what came above it all is what my True Twin Flame said recently. That he thought I could do it. I am still baffled from this experience…

And the point is, everyone will be able to hear something simple like this that has such a profound impact, as your own unique True Twin Flame is the address of the Divine in your life – and that is not in anyway a statement that is overdone or overly dramatic.

There are no words for how much it does. My guarantee to you.

So, that is why I have searched my soul to find in full honestly and transparency what were my silliest, stupidest, unholiest and unenlightened mistakes regarding the Twin Flame Journey that I had made when I was still traveling so deeply a while ago.

Pondering this question brought me to eventually decide on keeping it about the True Twin Flame, and not for instance about the false ones (they prep you for these real consciousness lessons that I got 5 of for you), teachers and communities that are or are not helpful after all (be discerning because you will be investing your valuable time and money in this).

Done talking… here we go!


1 I did his role

Damn, how could I. Wish I had seen through this more timely. I spend years trying to be him in a sense, and although it was an understandable attraction to the topics he works with and belong to his unique identity and that may sound adorable – and that aspect is, and it simultaneously proves the whole idea of Twin Flames being two expressions of one blueprint – but I went too far.

And unconsciously all of that, because although I was clearly on the Twin Flame Journey very aware for around ten years at the time we are speaking of right now, I had some persistent trouble with tying all details I knew were right correctly to one whole picture. So I took all these attractions, such as to money innovations and business, and made them mine by going in with my actions and add them to my arsenal as entrepreneur.

Still cannot really say I did not do some good research and achieved some steps for myself, but the point is that is his aspect, and I can relax and be myself as equal next to him. So I embody the correct soul part for myself and have a relationship with them (not be them). See, you can only relate when there is some space inside that Heart, that Union. Divine Space.


2 I did not develop far enough

This is an inner development journey. Many will understand that, and so did I. It is good to have existing relationships and experiences and moving places can sometimes be healthy for you, but the true work is done inside. You’ll need to relax inner areas to get to know the core of your identity and establish that as a flow, and then make the distance between you and the Divine go away by devotion. That is the real journey.

Yet somehow I believed I already was further then I was in the Twin Flame (yeah a real desire of mine) journey then I was, particularly because I can read the unconscious mind so well and the Divine Mind too. Like I was always able to know things through inner seeing (yep my thing), but making it come true needed more processing.

And ‘more processing’ is really a euphemism for a deluge of tears that needed out for months on end, which was no problem but it was the truth. You see, I had resistance to that very thing that needed to happen, but eventually I gave in and I survived the deluge. You may have your own kind of way of believing you must already know it and your own things that need processing in your own way…

To speak with my Twin Flame: you can do it! And I can reassure you: you’ll survive the floods.


3 I did not believe I could really have it

Who is trying to be with their One True Love but unconsciously keeps believing that they cannot… Sounds kinda nuts! Who does that?! Yep, it’s me again. I’m a human too, just like you, and I clearly have an unconscious that has some hidden contradictory beliefs going on about the very topic I desired to move towards indefinitely.

Even though I consciously thought I wanted it, I moved through the country because of it, I did many things because of it, wrote books that were around it, and later invested thousands of Euro in it as well, there was a pesky inner struggle going on that clearly sabotaged the entire endeavor. Keys were to find in my attachment wounds created in my childhood and much more grave imbalances that were the result of that.

I was brainwashed into a belief that how much I knew and invested did not matter, at the end of it, I could never really grasp my goal, had to watch it move to the horizon taken by the wind, and be melancholic about that forever after. So, no matter how good I knew and saw things, and how close I got (which I had gotten in the past!), I was wired to not get to have my Divine Marriage.

Well my friend, I needed de-brainwashing, and I assure you that is not in any way an undue statement! When I finally gave way for whatever the heck would be needed for me to be healed in this regard, the floods flowed through my freakin’ brain as if I won a free trip to the Amazon where you meet your private ayahuasca ceremony master – and without any substances to take too!


4 I denied it unconsciously

Denial was a great part of my journey looking back, and how weird is that?! Okay so I knew I was on the journey to the One True Love, my Ultimate Co-Creational Partner, because that was my intuitive hunch and over the years there came words for it and it was around 2005 that I first found online articles about it with the Dutch translation of Twin Flame as terminology that resonated with me back then (tweelingziel).

Looking back now, I was really trying to find him back at that time from earlier in my life, and later I got more conscious memories how I was in fact also trying to find him back from a previous lifetime. All things considered I can now see that I was trying too hard consciously and keeping the real thing denied in my unconscious. That sounds crucial, and it is, yet now I need to find how to explain that real short:

I got the hunch and then the words, yet it was during that process in understanding already going on for me right in my face and all the time. There was clearly a connecting part I was missing: the connection between the conscious search and what in my physical life it was connected to. That connection part is the emotional relating, to ones core self and to others.

My emotional relating part was damaged gravely and needed healing. This is not unique, this is for many if not most. It is malfunctioning when compared to a psychological healthy conceptual situation, yet more crucially the Twin Flame Union reality adds to that concept that is fairly new to Creation to really grasp. You can lift the veil on that for yourself – is what I found – by admitting to the denial and then surrendering to the Divine.


5 I did not bring outer and inner together as radically One Life

Ultimately, I can see that I was guilty of not placing my full humanity in line with my deepest inner rumblings: there was a disconnect. The fact that that was cultivated by my family of origin in so many ways and partly by society at large as well, was at the end of the day for sure not wrong but unimportant because the real Truth is that it was only my sovereign self that could choose to repair this to Unionized.

The knowing must come alive, and it will if you let it.


Love and our Twin Flame Blessings to You,

You can do it!