To resolve social issues on the Twin Flame Journey as part of the genuine spiritual journey that has the personal development journey inside of it integrated as well, we do KEY. Come to our Facebook community called ‘Your Abundance’ to start doing the easy 4 step tool as well. There are many free resources to assist you starting up there: 


Besides KEY I do…

What I add to doing KEY every day, are some very daily life things that feel so nourishing and helpful. Even besides studying a new food pattern, making a walk, working on a drawing every day a little bit, listening to inspiring Divine Mother (live-) video’s (the ones she advises me to watch) and so on. So nourishing. Really necessary besides working.

What I wanted to point out today is that I have recently compiled 2 binders that have a place in my kitchen. One of them is with food and health information that I feel are helpful and things I go back to all the time. And also holds recipe’s of my sourdough bread, my vegetable ferments and other cooking arts I tried out and loved.

The other is filled with 10 categories for building my new emotional sound daily life as a home maker. The chapters include some of my private life’s new to acquire roles and the desired philosophy and emotional backgrounds of it, such as becoming a parent, and other chapters are about mental and emotional health topics for instance, that I find are applicable to myself.

I have a chapter with Twin Flame theory and readings that helped me. I have a chapter that is called Divine Mothers way of preparing me for Divine Marriage. There is information about the housing market that I researched in it too, as this is my way of making tangible in all levels what my dream life is about and is going to move towards: from the deep spiritual to the property level and back.

All-in-all it feels like creating a safe home life as these are the topics and ideas I get when I did my most important KEY for the day. (You can do KEY all day long.) It is a collection that I curated off of the internet as well in a sense: we all know that “the internet knows it all” yet having your personal choice out of things in your binder for your personal use when you need it and desire something tangible, is something entirely different. It is safe, and personal, and forms a steady ground for a life of meaning.



Friends in the group are making such binders also now.

Then I wanted to point out to you, that I was assisted to come up with this idea by a lovely Texan lady called Mary, that teaches the traditional foods kitchen on her YouTube Channel. I know she would be all for spreading the word, so here I go! Should you be interested in creating her kind of homemaking and cooking art as well, then I greatly advise following her channel and start the inspiration: <3




The following is the entire text spoken in the Creative Universe video this blog is connected to… the one with the same funny yellow picture, that you can watch here:


The True Twin Flame Series about Divine Love, Episode 3: Twin Flame Union: Social Perfection or Hell?

Social means between people and it is not essential when you start the journey that is to say probably not in the way you have been used to think about it. Social can be a big collection of things to do because you feel obligated, your are afraid to not do them or you are guilted or otherwise manipulated into it. Think about it! Much social life is ego based: which can be valuable in itself yet then it has this underlying layer or murkiness with it that you cannot seem to get rid of.

Clean yourself of the mud. You are allowing yourself to be controlled and that is never it. Free yourself for the true Twin Flame Journey. Then you will probably re-encounter the very same issues in your consciousness with your True Twin Flame, but now you are going to resolve them for eternity: karma gone, brain restructured, nervous system reset, soul healing, curses begone.

What to do if my Twin Flame is already married or I am, has already children or I do, what to do if my Twin Flame is from another country or I am, if they are of another religion or I do and so on… is always answered by the whole idea that you do follow through towards the Divine Marriage place in consciousness any way! That may sound for a moment like it is a poor choice but that is always the best for you, them and all others involved because you are now shifting towards the divine architecture of life and that is always meant to be and always good and never not possible and morally wrong because it is designed to be that.

That may sound theoretical (although it is not). So again, how to move forward when it is socially impossible? By knowing that you are talking about the ego version of social life, with the murk under it, remember. This can be resolved by taking responsibility for the murk that you can sense and cleaning it in your consciousness, in your feelings with the toolbox of episode 2 in this series!

Thus – for the mental health fans now repeated in that terminology – the Twin Flame Union will make you heal your OWN attachment trauma. That’s right, your maladapted style of being social and how it was created as a child, will be healed. Also, the emphasis is on your OWN: that of your counterpart will then also but you do not have to worry about that really. Then after that your social life heals on the bigger scale as well and social Heaven can commence.