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Topic: Contribute to the world you want to see while using depth & money.


Dear friend,

The world is in crisis – and we are that world. Have you heard the alarm bells? Of course you have this is democratic just like the weather. Time to go Inner to your True Abundance. More time to do so then ever. But where is the entry?

In Creative Universe here, we believe in the power of the third option: not being pro nor contra but walking realistic road that is inner aligned yet creates an actual money life too that has numbers in the bank that look appealing.

I know that that needs to be made more tangible, for it sounds new and revolutionary. Therefore, I was guided to create a present for you, and I enjoy releasing the news that we will thus be able to meet again real soon:

The 5 DAY Money Game starts Thursday May 6 2021Join in!

The Money Saboteur Reset Game of will this time be themed Money Now & Deep because we want to freshen up our current money energy and also simultaneously invest in our deeper relationship with our True Value.

Money Now: The translated into English and refreshed Money Saboteur Reset Game that walks you through fun checking-ins with your money mindset, entrepreneurship issues (however also very well accessible when you need yet to start up or are a job person with autonomous stance), social media visibility and more.

Money Deep: We walk along some new topical Soul Money issues such as what is Soul Money, how to be on the Divine Money Path, what does self care on that path look like, and what are some spiritual and thus fundamental abundance building principles that serve as the new loa (law of attraction optimized for the present time working towards the Golden Age).

This is fit for people that:

  • desire to freshen their relationship with their value and with money for some days,
  • whether they are in a job or entrepreneurs, they feel autonomous and have a sense that they have a mission in the world,
  • like to be challenged to go out and test some social media skills for the marketing of their values, project, or entrepreneurship,
  • feel good about being asked to go deeper in inner work as well, to back this up with the power of their soul and be nurtured by Source,
  • want to choose their road through the 5 days to pick a more outward money road or a more inward value path through the week or do both,
  • like to reserve 30 minutes or more each day for 5 days to allow themselves some self-feedback and take new actions.

You will be getting:

  • access to the 5 chapters of the workbook that each day addresses both the Money Now department and the Money Deep part with fun & serious exercises, tips and background reads,
  • access to the private Money Game community on Facebook where you can connect with participants, ask questions, get feedback, report on your progress,
  • an invitation to the specially designed webinar in which we will be among others experiencing what Soul Money on the Divine Money Path is about, which role the Ultimate Strategy plays in your progress on that, how your entrepreneurship or autonomous attitude in other professional situations (or even pre-professional so to speak) is related to your spiritual journey and how both work best in tandem, how to choose the shortcut in Divine Money and start living the real thing right away so your outcome of 1111x Money is guaranteed,
  • you will receive an exclusive invitation to the membership program that stabilizes the intentions of the entire 5day game into a long term result for you at the end of the week too and can if you so desire then slide into your membership of choice with a clarifying personal goal setting session to start with,
  • you can absolutely enjoy the Money Game in itself alone as well.

Do you believe that money can represent spiritual values as much as it is a fair return for your contribution given for the best world you can imagine?

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?

You can now join, this means to let me know as an answer with #game, that you will join. Then I can add you to our specific mails and Facebook group and so forth: you soon will be all set to start.



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