On the Divine Money path your eyes will be opened. For me this was for instance getting full clarity about when people are in for the money-because-of-money, in places where I did not understand it existed. Busting such an illusion can for a short while be unpleasant but also of great transformative power.

In the moment of letting go of such an illusion, or another really, you receive true value already in clarity and energy first, which then later can become many nice life circumstances when that develops further such as money, food, relationships or what you yourself desire.

This is The Process.

There is a deeper ground beneath who you are. This can be confusing, because self acceptance is also the greatest advice to take into your heart real close. Accepting who you are in a form of behavior, communication, right now, in all details, is a good and loving start for any transformation. Only when we can accept the form, we can accept that we can go deeper inside of it, with our perception.

You will always find your deeper nature there. My teacher once said: you can go there on a holiday now and then, but you can also decide to go live there. That’s what his advice was as well: live there. Then we can Self accept: accept the Soul Self. And even see that Source supports us there completely, even with money, that now expresses true value.

This is The Procedure.

*** The only Magic that is True is LOVE ***