On The Divine Money Path, you:

1 open yourself to learning again, even though you deem yourself already educated.

2 choose the shortcut presented to you by God, and you persist even though it may go down at first.

3 allow yourself to finally stop reasoning against yourself, because things are different then you think.

4 accept that guidance truly exists, although it may sound different then what you previously liked.

5 commit yourself to the best outcome for you through the eyes of the Divine, in your heart, unconditionally.

The Divine Money Path is an integral part of the Complete Path we teach here, that also includes the Divine Love Path towards the One True Love. It includes entrepreneurial coaching because standing autonomous is very fit for moral money on the spiritual journey, and standing autonomous is helpful to learn for everyone even though you may (for a part or a time) be in a job. It also includes mental and emotional attitude changes as a result of the inner transformation that manifests your ultimate desires.

Your healing will become known to you in a very physical way, as the body-energy-system is the first and final place where your Natural Abundance will become your experience, because EARTH is your home and value expresses itself in coins and coins are material. In this order, the material is a sacred expression of your essence and the goal of life is to feel truly at home therein. <3


and many blessings on your Path,