1 It is the money that you can download right now in your bank account from your invisible Divine Inheritance through available interest in your value exchange proposal linked to your True Mission.

2 It is the life force energy in your body-vehicle system made visible through having enough Being so that your crescendo in Action brings it in.

3 It is your value that you have through surrender to your Blueprint, whether you make it visible in plus or minus numbers, value in being expressed in language or value coming to light in relationships.

What do you need here?

A Faith, so that Trust can grow.

B Sensitivity, so that Creative Flow can grow.

C Knowing your One Blueprint comes to light as your unique “how” in Sex – God – Money, Divine Feminine – Source – Divine Masculine, Feelings – Being – Structures

Three extra notes are important here:

Your True Mission may be different from what you think you are.

A crescendo in action only makes sense when you can remain in relationship with being.

It is always advisable to bring in refined money and business skills however they will need to be attuned to these elements that always prevail in them: this in foundational.