Being on the journey means there is a transformation. It leads to what you in your heart truly desire. Along the way you for sure make steps forward, but most of all think about your steps like it is about going deeper inside of yourself. Because your journey is in essence an inner journey. That is the way to make your dream come true. Otherwise you may keep on walking, see loads of great and awful things along the way but it won’t seem to really… transform you, no matter how many 11:11’s and moon eclipses you see.

It’s true, the Spiritual Abundance journey (that is your actual abundance journey) is successfully made in the inner, invisible, energy realm and then expressed without effort in the physical. Because ‘spiritual’ means the foundation of life, this is simply: life, but then how it’s meant to be lived by your soul. So that you attract your True Twin Flame and your Mission derived Soul Money too.

It’s really normal, even almost boring when you think of it because it is the fullness of Being which is… your souls normal. And then to think this is supposed to be a blog about the yawning topic of what the inner work – that aids the transformation forward – really is…


And according to some, inner work is then also not even needed. And that seems in principle a wise thing to say: you are after all already your soul core, because it’s your essence. Your mission that connects in there thus already exists and your Twin Flame is already yours because it is the Truth of your being! End of Blog, bye.

But okay, you don’t have it yet, it’s not manifest yet, or is it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog. That’s why there is at the same time, a journey towards it, a journey of transformation and of healing: healing yourself from your temporary form of not-made-come-true-yet-but-essentially-true to your permanent manifestation of all you can ever be.

Once the value of inner work is established, you start to understand that although you are already your essence, there is still something to be done, and you start to make space to learn what this is, how to do it, what the correct approaches are. This is what you CAN do. This is what you CAN give to yourself to aid your transformation. This is how you CAN invest in your Twin Flame and Soul Money success.

There are a couple of ways to see the same inner work:


1 Going deeper

As said before, it is often more a matter of going inward and moving through what is present in your inner space towards a new feeling place, then about stepping forward in the physical and social world.

It is really important to start to understand what this is, how to guide yourself through this feeling movement, and also understand the limitations of what you can and can’t do.

You can close your eyes and feel. You can follow what you feel until you are in another place. You can choose to accept all temporary things involuntarily that happen in between such as tears falling, uncomfortable sensations and deeply engrained old beliefs moving through your mind before they leave you.

You can’t pick where you start, because it is the given of your actual situation that is already here but is often different from what we think we are: it’s what we actually are, not what we believe about ourselves. We can’t pick where we are going to come, when the inner work of this moment is completed: that is an unknown per definition.


2 Loving yourself

Doing inner work always comes down to loving yourself in places where you are not (fully) loved yet. It doesn’t even matter why these unloved places inside of you exist, although it can be great to get insights along the way, the point is that they ask for an answer.

When a child you love has a problem, you wouldn’t send it away, and instead you’d try to answer their issue with a kind smile, understanding, a hug, questions about how they feel about it, suggestions for what to do next and so on. This is the same with yourself.

Not only does there inside of you live an inner child, that is the you that once was a child and that is still alive in you, but also the way in which you’d want to treat your adult self: with compassion, understanding, and a wise sense of giving unconditionally to.

Loving yourself means many things, and we can listen to our heart to what it must be in this case of the now situation. Making a habit of that is a great start. It is something you can do in your everyday life, and especially also in dedicated silent time you create for yourself: a healing meditation in which you give the love to places in your heart and energy field and body that feel cold and alone, directly to where it hurts, until it feels enough for now.


3 Feeling your feelings

All efforts in doing inner work strand when you don’t want to feel your feelings or are one way or another numbed out. I think this is a very common occurrence: this is often also what we were taught as children in our families of heritage and inside our schools: stop crying, behave polite instead of move through accurate grief, hurt, pain, regret, anger and so on.

Feeling your feelings comes down to allowing, and allowing is a form of surrendering, and we can have (lots of) resistance towards that. It sounds pretty much like what you’re advised to not ever do by society, because the push to stand tall and tower over (your feelings, your weaknesses, small things that don’t seem to matter in the light of material success and so on) is relentless!

Feeling your feelings comes down to silently letting intimate tears that well up flow and not hold them back. It means to feel the great anger that you’ve got instead of pushing it away (for sure not hurt yourself, others or things, but feeling it in itself is only good! it all transform through it). It is detecting that you are actually grieving the loss who you thought you were, and now you know you’re not (you’re much bigger, better and more profound!).

Acknowledge yourself positively every time you see that you’ve allowed yourself this. Then slowly start to see this whole process makes that you relocate your anchor in life completely. Then go live there permanently.


4 Letting energy flow

Inner work can mean feeling your body, because this is a very concrete start, and becoming aware of what sensations there are in it: tingling feet, tension in legs, a painful lower back, warm hands, a dizzy brain, a closed heart, relaxed belly or freed up chest: these are all possibilities and you can feel out what is your individual state of being in this regard of this moment.

Be honest and sense. Then you already go deeper: the feeling in your body is the entrance to your energy body, that your body lives inside of. All outside body sensation are stopping the flow of the inner subtle energy of the energy body. And they are also the entrance to it. So be kind to yourself and simply registrar what it is. Then those doors open and you become aware of the energy flow.

The awareness of the blocks, often make it ease already. Registrar them with love and compassion, this often opens the door. There can be places you don’t feel at all: these represent your unconscious blocks n your energy field. When they open, miracles start to occur. By becoming aware of your energy flow, you can make them happen.


5 Acknowledging yourself

You are exactly where you are now, and when you can come out of denial about that, and accept that, and be loving towards that, things can already start to change, and blocks can start to shift. Simply acknowledging where you are now, without wanting to make it better, can do wonders!

It is important to understand that it is about the acceptance of reality: the difficulty is often that we are not seeing that right, that we are in denial about certain things, and don’t have the full overview of our issues, while others can sometimes clearly see it from their venture point.

Reality is a step closer already then delusion. Reality can be sad, traumatic, hurt, broken, but that is closer to where you want to go then doing as if that is not so and wearing a mask (to yourself, in the first place!). It is a first step, then you can transform, which is a journey, and then arrive in the actual True Soul Reality.

But we cannot go there when we get stuck in the illusion stage or state. Because it is not easy to know your own, it is desirable to have a teacher.


6 Issues, problems, blocks form the journey

Yes, they are your doors, to go from one place through the transformation to where you are destined to go. Every time you become aware of a block: congratulate yourself, because no matter how incredibly difficult this may seem to you, unsurmountable almost, you’ve reached a door.

This is your individual special door, it is designed specifically to make uniquely you transform in who you are supposed to be in your Heavenly Life with your True Twin Flame, living your Mission together. Now go through it, fully and completely, with all your might.

That’s the Trick.

If you were looking for one. 🙂


Doing the inner work is done with the KEY tool. We’ve got a version that follows your energy body and works out your feelings through it, turns it around to a soul quality that you own. And we’ve got a version that makes you aware of the fact that everything another does to you, you turn around so that now you fill in your own name in on every place where they were, because the world is a mirror: this turns things to a surprising perspective that you then research for yourself in all honesty. You on the soul level ‘do your entire life to yourself’ so to speak.

Study it.

Yawn if you need to: it’s deeply relaxing, and that is what Inner Work is all about.

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