Dear friends,

Wow! This year started profound here, in the Twin Flame department. In our online community, we had 2 cases of people having reached the state of consciousness of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, that it is all about. TWO!


In our social media outreach, in YouTube video’s this has been discussed by now, and maybe you’ve followed that. But I certainly keep on feeling congratulatory towards the Unions that reached this state. It’s so beautiful!

Here you can see the video’s in which I announce what has happened:



For me as a teacher this means that I achieved what I’ve set out to do, especially since summer 2023, over half a year ago. I welcomed a big wave of new friends in the community. But would some of them, go deeper and deep enough to get to Harmonious Union?

YES! They did.

One by choosing to invest in themselves with private coaching. And the other Union because of having followed meticulously the social media options that I had opened up these months, by having faith and trust the tools and inner work. So, what does this mean for you, can you do it too?

YES! You can.

That is the good news that comes to you from this blog. You can do it too. It is reachable. It could be done in a couple of months. It can be done by investing in yourself. It can be done by deep faith and following the tools and events that I share for free.

All friends that reached their Twin Flame goal, will tell you that they needed to have faith in the teacher. That’s for free also.

This Harmonious Union energy is now spreading through our community. The more people reach it, the more it can influence you as well and the easier it will become for others to reach it as well.