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Coach, author and speaker on the natural abundance of the soul in money and love, born in 1980 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. "Helping Sensitive Creatives make more Money. For they are in fact the original Magicians that gather to rise in Truth. Passing on of the Key to soul prosperity in manifested Money and Love. Our values are Freedom, Respect and Prosperity. This is a commission of Enki and Thoth." *** The only Magic that is True is Love ***

Emotional Strategizing – Stop being unsure and Create IT guaranteed

The deeply assisting invisible can become the groundwork of your life - including such concrete expressions of value as money - when you use emotional strategizing. To have this be a Soulful, even Divine event, rather then a manipulative one, you let the strategy come from Divine Wisdom. To make this easy, there is a [...]

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Abundance Building – Chapter 1

Grand overview of what we mean with this Mind & Energy Work and how it works to attract and live your Abundance in Money (your Divine Inheritance) and Love (your Ultimate Co-Creational Partner Union). Decide how long, what time and where to meditate every day Audio Lesson - 85 minutes   1 Foundation [...]

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[Webinar Invite] How to take the Shortcut to Your Abundance on the Divine Money Path

Dear Soul Tribe of Sensitive Creatives and Spiritual High Potentials,   Are you tired of fighting for your small business money as spiritual, author, coach, speaker, healer, creative, and do you want to manifest your One True Divine Abundance so that your spiritual and business journey (over time & fully) collide? Then follow my new [...]

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Process & Procedure applied to Soul Money on the Divine Money Path

On the Divine Money path your eyes will be opened. For me this was for instance getting full clarity about when people are in for the money-because-of-money, in places where I did not understand it existed. Busting such an illusion can for a short while be unpleasant but also of great transformative power. In the [...]

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Money Game to Reset your Inner Saboteur & do Soul Money on the Divine Money Path

[answer #game to join the free online money game starting May 6] Topic: Contribute to the world you want to see while using depth & money.   Dear friend, The world is in crisis - and we are that world. Have you heard the alarm bells? Of course you have this is democratic just like the weather. [...]

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The Divine Money Path: 5 Ways to be on it for you to be Assured of your Outcome – New LOA Revisited

On The Divine Money Path, you: 1 open yourself to learning again, even though you deem yourself already educated. 2 choose the shortcut presented to you by God, and you persist even though it may go down at first. 3 allow yourself to finally stop reasoning against yourself, because things are different then you think. [...]

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5 Abundance Building Principles: a sneak peek inside the GOLD Membership

Podcast 1: The Enigmatic Practicality Podcast starring PEJ - Occult Business Confessions This is your unique chance to get a peek inside the Gold membership. The first lessons including personal anecdotes will be presented to you in the podcast. 1 This work came into being as a means to manifest your soul abundance [...]

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