Loving yourself is one of the pillars in which your Twin Flame Union thrives. But as we all have experience with, this isn’t always straightforward to actually do. That is why it is the topic of this challenge!

For 6 days in a row, you’ll be invited to download your daily portion of assignments to do. Then we’ll also have social media outreach, a zoom social meetup, webinars & more. & You can opt in now!

Official start event in the form of a Live Video in the designated Facebook group that you share with fellow participants, will take place on Monday April 8 5PM Amsterdam (London 4PM, New York 11AM, LA 8AM, New Delhi 8.30PM, Sydney Monday 1AM).

Free 6-day Twin Flame Self Love Game: https://tinyurl.com/TwinFlameSelfLoveGame

See you soon!