Twin Flames refer to your deeper nature, composed out of two counterparts, and start to live that in the flesh. It also refers to the consciousness level of that fact: a truly high vibrational reality. Also to the abundance that will overflow your life through it.

Making it come true is with a teacher, a community, the right tools plus commitment and investment in yourself, really not that difficult. In our community people truly reach the Union it is all about: 1 in 2023, 3 people in 2024, and you could be next…

What if there was a list of signs that shows you when it is the True Twin Flame – and when evidently not. Well, here it is:

18 Twin Flame Signs & 1 BONUS

1 Your True Twin Flame actually does love you perfectly at all times.

2 You do think same deeper thoughts around the same time.

3 You go in the same direction with your True Twin Flame.

4 Even when they are seemingly an asshole to you, you know deep down they love you.

5 You share your fundamental core values with your True Twin Flame.

6 The True Twin Flame will want to go deeper with you every time whereas a false Twin Flame won’t.

7 The True Twin Flame is your exact energetic match.

8 The True Twin Flame will fit in with your life vision.

9 The True Twin Flame can stand your errors, forgive them and correct them with you for you.

10 The True Twin Flame is the one that will be by your side when you unfold your Unions Mission.

11 You can discern it from the lived reality, they are or are your **genuine** potential for: Best Friend; Ultimate Lover; Life Partner; Mission Partner; Teacher; Student.

12 They have similar desires that are compatible – no compromises.

13 You only see an ongoing unending reciprocal relationship with them even when there would be healing needed on that journey.

14 They heal as you heal even when it looks differently then you think it should.

15 They make you feel a sensation of love in your heart that you cannot deny and that will not go away that has clearly come from a certain place that is extraordinary when compared to what commonly is considered love.

16 They have awakened in you an unconditional love that you still feel for them in a very alive way even when they would be in your past considerably at this point.

17 You feel a deep longing to make come true a love life that includes the truth of your being even when that seems impossible to realize when you look at temporary circumstances.

18 You have the desire to be with them in your heart that you want to pursue at any cost

BONUS When you do the actual Twin Flame inner work the Rigth way and continually, they keep on being revealed to you as your True Twin Flame.




7 False Twin Flame Signs

1 The false Twin Flame is showing you what you need to heal, learn and change for Twin Flame success but is not a part of the actual changed life to enjoy it in harmony with you.

2 Your True Twin Flame is you Best Friend, Ultimate Lover, Life Partner, Mission Partner, Teacher, Student; a false Twin Flame will not be interested in being all of these roles to you, will be slacking them off and their presence and compassion in that role is not real.

3 A false Twin Flame is not genuinely interested in going deeper with you, getting to really know you in love and compassion.

4 A false Twin Flame does not share your deeper values, desires, life vision and they don’t go in the same direction in life as you do.

5 A false Twin Flame does not unlock your abundance.

6 They do not genuinely love you, they only want to get something out of you and the relationship.

7 When you genuinely heal, they don’t.