A client had an idea about the combination of environmentalism, money and energy; not in the traditional way, but in the cryptocurrency and blockchain-way. Yes: you have to think about an app that makes people use energy in a more environmentally friendly way, and a monetizing and organizing strategy to make this come true using blockchain and cryptocurrency. In fact, to be more precise, he lead a certain brand of cryptocurrency; stakeholders owned parts of the ‘money’ however. It may not be easy to understand all the moving parts of this whole endeavor for the reader, and since this also had a reflection on the coachee in the same way, a coaching relationship was entered.

A reoccurring question was therefore (besides how to organize this internally): How to explain this to external people it was for? Other questions were thus: How to build a focussed project with these ingredients? Where does profit need to come from in the end? How to build a team for the business part and separately for the foundation part of it that was later invented to be needed, with the least amount of fall-outs and the highest degree of cooperation without pay-rolling? What model to lay down to make this feasible? Presenting the project in a pitch for investors; writing a business plan: things like this also passed by.

Many questions were addressed, many roads were executed and some also discarded afterwards. Very educational and insight provoking. This series of business coaching was eventually open ended. The client experienced a growing sense of being on his spiritual path, because the underlying values of his pursuit awakened and became communicable. He thus eventually uncovered a striking golden thread throughout time in his family lineage that provided meaning and direction.