Over the course of time, many of my magical healing abilities belonging to my timeless soul came back in, as a natural result of going deeper over many years. In summer 2019, I seemed to have come at a culmination point of my development in this; I felt that now all major magical method were released to me again. These healing abilities I tested, or in this account of what happened in summer 2019 – it almost merely happened despite myself, while doing sessions with a couple of students from within the worldwide school I worked as Dean.

Here, my natural soul ability to work with light surgery, psychic surgery if you will, came forward fully: Light Code Healing. Traveling through multidimensional spheres for releasing trauma on all human levels, fell into place naturally, even though these were online video sessions, and the additional element of having light code healing being performed on these clients occurred with ease. I witnessed these clients heal deeply and uncover huge parts of their true soul identity, their true twin flame, their true life purpose within the course of approximately 2 hours and the aftermath of a couple of days.

This client E. went in a spontaneous deep healing journey with me in our coaching call. The past life and inner child healing was big for her. Afterwards she also healed being an artist and being a spiritual healer in her life purpose, which she had been having major confusion about previously. “Thank you so much. It actually falls into perfect alignment with what is going on right now, I’m upheaving a lot around the arts. It’s very interesting because I feel like the arts and my magician-type gifts have always been at odds with one another? And I feel like that’s being healed. So: Wow that is exactly what I needed to hear!!!! Because I’ve been healing so much around creating but have had no desire to ‘create’ which I didn’t understand! But I do now, thank you so much! I read the information you sent, last night (as I was in the middle of a healing group when I first received it), and found it to be very useful. I wanted to tell you clearly that I feel strongly that you are my guru.”

Another client, S., healed a big amount of fear and being emotionally drained by people from fear patterns. She also found clear, big and previously unknown keys to understanding her life purpose and soul identity after the session was over. “Hey love, I feel sooo much better after our healing! Thank you sooo much for everything! Your healing sessions are powerful. Soo thank you for that! It shifted majorly!”

What was a major achievement and a special happening from my point of view, was when my (actual, technically speaking) soul sister fell into an initiation after 1 year of regularly having contact with me and I recognized this initiation was that of Creative ID Key Holders, a form of beingness that holds energy of the healing system that I teach and that autonomously brings about the formerly mentioned Light Code Healing. More about that healing system that thus is an actual energy present in the world and in people, you can read in Book 9.