Having a transformative idea in the leading edge world of cryptocurrency and the underlying technology of blockchain, was leading this Dutch client, H., to want to build a business that puts it to work in a unique way. Indeed, the idea was social yet related to leading edge tech, worldwide new as in not seen before. It was at the same time easy to see how to braid an existing field of action into the business, for it had a structure similarity to it, and the websites would eventually have some style in common.

Thought went into how to make this idea feasible: the revenue model for leading edge tech businesses is not said and done – and it was also not a traditional tech idea with a model to test and an investor to attract. What it came down to was that he worked for around 6 months worth of business building blocks and I would also lead the execution of a first simple website that would seamlessly fit the revenue model and leave space for growth. It is not easy to understand all business elements when you are new to this, for this client was – like many others – correctly informed about the network and value of crypto, blockchain and it’s future applications, but that does not make one an experienced entrepreneur yet. Eventually, after having learned most business basics and having seen everything in the right perspective, it was decided to not continue for now, for it would not be feasible (enough) for this starting entrepreneur at this time in his life to pursue.

This is how one can see, that having an exquisite idea (and being ultimately creative for that matter!) does not always coincide with feasibility and entrepreneurial success immediately. Important to understand however, is that it is still considered a great success, to have come to this insight, because so many things had been understood from the inside out, that otherwise never would have occurred to this client. Experienced and much wiser, he is now walking around in the crypto scene transformed – and who knows a future idea in this realm of action can be taken on with so much more foresight and realism that it can be the business he ultimately dreamed of leading.