The bravest young client from the USA, B., got to me for she felt right about developing her sensitive side towards a more beneficial place, so that her ultimate lover could find her, she would have a more pleasing life over-all and rejuvenation in the life purpose, career and money department too. She understood feeling good was the key to all the things she desired, and so we started. In six months time she went through the preplanned coaching chapters consisting of initiations, healing, life purpose coaching and more, with a wonderful willingness to feel her true feelings which was not always easy.

Eventually she bridged the biggest dark night of the soul when one day the career and daily life were in fact seemingly totally out of order, to then later be more peaceful then ever: repaired by the grace of the Universe in the most unexpected but ultimately beneficial way. Meanwhile she repaired her health with an extra program in which her gut health was increasing tremendously and she could eat normally again and gain some much needed weight. She uncovered who the ultimate lover was, understood what her life purpose would entail and ended up working in the exact field of action that was now understood to be rightfully hers.