Dear friend,

YOU are a creator and when you create from the Soul, you will attract what you desire in an eternal way, whether you are an Artist, Lover, Entrepreneur or Coach. This means the exact right way for you to make your desires come true sustainably through this life time and the ones afterwards.

This moment represents a turning point for you: some may find that they will be on a plateau for some time; some will seemingly loose some wealth to be able to start building in a way that connects to their Soul (instead of the ego or personality detached from their inner life); some will start climbing immediately.

Background Reads

When unsure what kind of road to take for the time ahead or the steps in the future of consciousness, try the Ultimate Strategy, which is a formula represented in numbers (128493756), that is clarified by the energy fields in the human being to consecutively follow the content and healing of. Book Nine will give you details on what that is, and the Emerald Itinerary book will give you eventually clarity about the full journey, that we teach here, to commit to, should you feel ready.

But there is more, because I actually want to right away give you this unique, practical and insightful gift:

Your Best Business Role

My special gift is this blog for you that couples your outcome of Creator Type to your best business role as autonomous professional, whether you just want to feel out what that even means to you, as an artist, as a project creator of any kind, as an official business owner or as a fully activated entrepreneur that combines all the before mentioned.

Click this picture to go to the business role blog:

& There are four more wonderful options for you to consider:

See you real soon then! With love,

PS The “rabbit hole” goes further from the Business Role blog. It will then lead you to a video reading for your creator type, to find out what your best next step to take is in your money or love situation. I greatly advice to take this Creative ID “rabbit hole”, it’s fun and you may get your intuitive advice that you crave at the end of it. <3