You are very welcome to your KEY session in which you can also discuss topics or questions. These are really no-nonsense, short and sweet online appointments of 50 minutes, primarily scheduled on Mondays. They function perfectly in tandem with an active taking part of the community Your Abundance on Facebook.

There, you can find a lot of resources about the essential KEY tool as well, under the hashtags #key and #keyoftheday, in the file section, the pinned or featured posts and last but certainly not least in the monthly Mini Program in particular the KEY Workshop around the end of every month.

Now, in this individual video call, I can guide you through your current KEY inner work, so that you are free to completely feel and process, focus on your progress and ask for clarifications and prospects.

Terms are pretty straightforward:

  • first you pay and (only) then the appointment we make is official
  • no refunds
  • not on time for over 10 minutes? session falls through
  • late time will not be added at the end of session, it will end as scheduled
  • all terms on the info page under Good to Know
  • pay through PayPal (what is PayPal?)

Claim your session by writing an email to with a 2-3 sentence description of your questions if desired. Normally, you pay 66 Euro; until the end of 2022 you can get this unique service for 33 Euro through PayPal by clicking right here. When both steps are completed, usually we can meet soon, so sit back and relax, your appointment proposal is coming to your mail real soon on the mail address of your PayPal account.






PS This is a deeply necessary service that will be able to help you forward tremendously. Should you however desire a session in which the healing power is even more profound, in which there is strategy to discuss, in which there is a combination with business development and/or twin flame instruction, in which there can be given initiations and after which there will be given educational material to work with plus has aftercare available, then I invite you to check out this page about my VIP Sessions.