Twin Flame Workshops that will arrive in spring 2024 both online and locally.

I know you want to go deeper and that is possible by coming together. The relationship we have, will guide the process and speed it up significantly. For sure, we’ll also use the tools: techniques and relating together are the sacred pair that does it all.


Weekend June 1 & 2 Christed Masters, Local Workshop in Arnhem, The Netherlands

As I’ve shared in my YouTube video’s, I can do what I do because I am initiated to be a Twin Flame Spiritual Teacher and this initiation came together with the equal meeting and exchange with the Christed Masters currently on earth that also form what they call the Second Coming, which includes Twin Flame awareness. I’ve had my role in that essential happening already and have processed it. Now I am ready to share about it. We’ll go over stories, channel the Masters and do meditations. It will be truly healing for you and a speeding up of your Twin Flame journey.

This workshop is for those that can and want to come to my physical place in Arnhem, The Netherlands. You can stay in an AirBNB in the neighborhood, for instance. This workshop will include a simple lunch that divides the day in 2 sections of 3 hours (11AM-2PM – 3PM-6PM). 4 Seats available. Day 2 is invitation only.

In this video I research what the Twin Flame Message of the workshop might become:

Weekend July 6 & 7 on 4-7PM Amsterdam timezone: Twin Flame Mission, Online Workshop

It can be a great support and deepening to start to align yourself with your Twin Flame Mission you’ll find inside of your Union. It can be so much fun too, to start to see how you could organize yourself independently for making that come true as well. We’ll touch on all such aspects and you’ll be tremendously activated and empowered at the closing of this small groups workshop.

Start time in other timezones is: London 3PM, New York 10AM, LA 7AM, 7:30PM, Sydney 00:00 on Sunday. If there are participants from certain timezones that ask for another start time, I would be willing to reconsider, but in principle this is my best ‘worldwide time’ I can provide. 4 Seats available in the Zoom Room.

A ticket for either of these events of 6 hours long, costs 144 Euro.

I need to add legal VAT to your price and that is in my country set at 21%. This will make the end price land at 174 Euro.

I’m quite sure you can ask the VAT back within your own legal system and make the entire investment go for educational costs within your taxing system, especially when you have a business yourself; sorting that out for yourself can be a good investment in your own journey for sure.

You pay via PayPal. You are responsible for yourself. No refunds.

On this offer, the conditions are applicable mentioned under ‘Good to know’, on this page.

Here is your 1-click buy link, click the daisy and mention the name of the workshop:

I will confirm you in an email, send to the mail address that is connected to your PayPal and keep you updated about the details.

See you soon!