VIP Session Twin Flame Reset realigns you with your Harmonious Union core.

Dear friend,

Do you want your Harmonious Twin Flame Union above all else? Then, this is the opportunity for you.

Harmonious Union is a certain energy blueprint that you will be locked into – by your own free will – when it occurs for you. This state of being is sufficiently different than where you are now, so that it stands out and is a real state that one can achieve. From this follows, that to reach it, a significant change needs to happen inside of your consciousness and energy state.

This can be achieved by doing inner work and following guidance, but there is now also a more direct way to realign you on a deep inner level, in a condensed session given by me. I have combined in this format the very best of what I have to offer and developed during the last decades. The Twin Flame Reset Session, as it’s called, consists of a program that is a tested formula.

It is designed to make you experience and work through core blocks to your Union. The result will be that you entire love life will start coming out in a different way, afterwards. This means your entire life is involved, because Twin Flame romance encompasses all. It could seem subtle to you, for how it has shifted you, but that subtle difference is huge and exactly what your Union needs to come together.

This VIP Session starts up with a 20 minute call, in which we set it all up. Then I’ll do an oracle card reading for you, in which a lot becomes clear already, and I will send it to you. You will then fill out a survey that gives me more information as to how to approach it best for uniquely you also. We will have scheduled a day and time for your actual main session of 2 hours duration, often with a tiny break in the middle to replenish our cup of tea and so on, that structures it.

The first half of this Session will be filled with doing KEY guided by me to go to your core. When I feel you’ve arrived, you are ready for the decree. After the break, we continue with Emotional Strategizing in 9 Twin Flame Energy Points, meaning that you’ll find out what exact clearing action you’ll take in your journey forward through your energy field in the healing order of Source Code Magic.

Afterwards, I will send you a healing report and you’ll also receive an angelic healing from the 72 Angels of the Divine. The angels will come to you on their own volition because they have indicated to want to work with me in my global Harmonious Union healing work. It will be intuitively clear to unique you when this complimentary deep healing session will take place; you make sure to take a relaxing break if possible and remain receptive. This will integrate gradually.

I will also send you the Twin Flame inner work package, consisting of theory, background, inner work tool explanation and worksheets and so on. This is important because you will start to do the actual inner work that was indicated in the session that is here for you to work out. However your core has been miraculously shifted for sure, the work does include your cooperation in working through upsets arising.

It is possible you start to see changes in your life that at first seem unrelated to your core desire for Harmonious Twin Flame Union (and the related Mission Business), but you can trust that this is all completely integral to what is supposed to happen for you so everything will be smooth and manifest your True Twin Flame in Harmonious Union. One person got fired from her job, to get an upgraded one within a fortnight afterwards: something she never expected to happen!

Changes can seem very mundane, such as a new job that can seem unrelated to such a lofty end goal as Harmonious Twin Flame Union. But that’s the whole point: it will need to take place somewhere in the actual world for you, and moreover you don’t have an overview over what is conducive for your progress and desired twin Flame outcome – but God does. The transformation will make itself known to you in these ‘unexpected’ seemingly unrelated elements.

The main transformation you will achieve is your inner state that will change towards an earlier unknown inner peace, sometimes by first making you purge bad feelings that are stuck in your system. But because the so called outer world is an integral part of this inner world, changes ‘on the outside’ can also come in. Think about your True Twin Flame: isn’t he/she an outer expression of and inner love simultaneously and as One?!

This entire package with essential healing you can now obtain in 1 VIP Session Twin Flame Reset. It does not necessarily mean that you don’t ever need any other guidance to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but it is an amazing opportunity for a core reset and push forward on the journey, after which you can continue some time on your own while doing inner work with the received service package.

It is advised to combine this essential session with all the perks of being in our central Facebook group Your Abundance, in which you can receive support, meet fellow travelers, and get additional easy to access services that will assist you in the period after your session also. You are very welcome to join us there, I give almost daily input there that will help you forward:

Now let me explain the price for you.

VIP Sessions currently cost 398 Euro per session excl. VAT as published here.

Total value is estimated at 2797 Euro, because the original intended price is 797 Euro plus Your Abundance group membership is valued at over 2000 Euro annually, because of the 4 events per month and the option to get more support is there continually too, just like the KEY background material.

When you are an existing paying client in a current program that exceeds single booked sessions, you can get 50% off, ask me for your particular deal.

I need to add legal VAT to your price and that is in my country set at 21%. This will make the end price land at 482 Euro.

I’m quite sure you can ask the VAT back within your own legal system and make the entire investment go for educational costs within your taxing system, especially when you have a business yourself; sorting that out for yourself can be a good investment in your own journey for sure.

You pay via PayPal. You are responsible for yourself. No refunds.

On this offer, the conditions are applicable mentioned under ‘Good to know’, on this page.

Here is your 1-click buy link, click the flames:

I will confirm you in an email, send to the mail address that is connected to your PayPal and will initiate scheduling.

See you soon!