Sexual Magic Ecourse

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Online 5 Chapter Video Course on Sexual Magic energy healing including membership of a private community, a novel and more extra’s.

In the Sexual Magic Ecourse you will:

  • Heal your energy field by doing the many suggestions, so you will progress on the Abundance Journey
  • Explore your sexual life, daily life and mission work on an entirely new level
  • Transform the relationship with yourself in the direction of the ultimate Sexual Magic outcome
  • Reach Union Consciousness while feeling real good and be prepared for what it will mean
  • Be able to welcome in the completely fresh level of Harmonious Twin Flame Union in the right mind

Taking care of all elements that need transformation on the energetic healing journey that results in a full and deeply meaningful (sex-) life in the (sexual) union with your ultimate lover: this is what the Sexual Magic Course will establish fully for you.

Heaving your relational, sexual, spiritual blocks and misalignments healed so that you can enter the state of being that lies at the base of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and your Anchored Flowering Golden Flow for your mission life, will be obvious and thorough for you at the end of the development that this course is geared towards.

Important in this process are for instance nurturing your inner child, cultivating inner peace and feeding your body truly nourishing foods. Truly crucial are however the spiritual healing suggestions, so you’ll clear your conscience, karma and relationship with the Divine.

“In the sanctuary, this takes place: the heart that has the above mind layer and the below energy layer; sexual magic takes place in and with the energy layer and also in all of it.” – PEJ

You are responsible for yourself. No refunds. Technicalities and payments run via Etsy, when there are issues with it you may need to ask them.

You are able to download a pdf file after buying, that serves as the entrance to the course. It holds an elaborate preface and description, 5 written chapters with at least 6 assignments each and links to the unlisted YouTube video chapters. You are invited to the private Facebook community specifically for this course also. Content related questions can be asked there and the material discussed among each other.

Extra elements and total value:

There are 3 secret extra chapters and the Dutch-only fiction novel book Godin van het Bed by Petra Else Jekel accompanies the package of the value of €29. Included in the course are a couple of opportunities for a live online session: there is an option for a mission call worth €100; you can ask for the first initiation of which the normal price is €398; and there is 2 times an offer for mail support of a total value of €80. Because the invitation for online group for support in the designated community is valued at €99, the total value of the entire Sexual Magic Course package is over €1232 while it is available now for €279 ex VAT.

A free sample of the course is published below.

This course is currently in the introduction price period. Because some video’s leave visual quality wise something to be desired at this time, a new round of shooting will take place in the future. This may be a great opportunity to add onto the course as well, specifically because the material will have been more matured. When this is completed, it will be available for all existing buyers (as well). For now this means, that Sexual Magic will be made available for you for an EXTRA 10% off making the price ex VAT land at €251.

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More on this unique and profound course:

Seeking a sexual union that feels the very best for you, is a natural desire and also the endgoal of the supernatural ultimate marriage with the True Twin Flame. In fact, Twin Flames as ultimate lovers pretty much are defined by their deeply satisfying and all-encompassing sexual life together in all aspects and levels of life. Because what is more vibrantly beautiful and profoundly enlightening then this deeply healing way of living that is now available for all that desire to go that journey and arrive.

But sexual desire is also in the broad sense a way of saying that you long for the relationship with all things in life that feel real good and are in essence already soulfully yours, because every desire is in a way sexual as it expresses what fits you seamlessly. And indeed the Twin Flame Union as highest form of a possible sexual union comes together with a life filled with other expressions that are of the same vibration, whether they be food, family, mission, money and more.

The journey to make this all come true for you is very well described and expressed in an energetic way, because energy is sexual in nature, and deeply related to desire as well. Dealing directly with energy is possible, but working with it through daily life, sexual and mission topics spans its influence as well. The journey can be taken by those that are prepared to work through their own soul challenges in these fields and will be fulfilled by those that grow beyond them eventually.

Of course the prospect of a juicy and fulfilling physical sex life in a committed and sacred marriage as it is with the True Twin Flame, is a hit with anybody that is human enough to desire to feel good. Anyone that accepts the journey as it is laid out in this course, will in the end experience that sex as you knew it falls away to give way for something much better that is equally sexual: it comes to a whole new level that holds all stages of the previous journey at once in an inexplicably intimate and Divine atmosphere.

Heal Your Life

Sexual Magic is a course about healing your energy body, which is pretty much: you, (but) on the subtle level. The desire to heal your subtle body is only natural, as that’s what you are here for, what you are born for: it is so that you’ll be everything that you can be and stand firm in your purpose, through which your Birthright Abundance comes into manifestation.

Thus, the healing of your energy body aids everything into manifestation that you desire, and a matured sensual and fulfilling daily life, shared with your True Twin Flame, will be the result. It refers to sexuality in the broad sense, because everything energy is strongly connected to the sexual, and because healing your sexuality thus is key in this endeavor too!

Sexuality in the more narrow sense, being physically intimate with your erogenous zones involved with yourself or together with a partner, is part of a full life of love and joy in the form that fits you currently best, and ultimately with your Ultimate Lover (only) that is designed to be with you in this way. This will be ultimately healing as well for sure!

To start going into the topic and thus the chapters, there is some significant symbology to take you through, and I also have some personal background to share that will give you a preface to start to understand what it could (not must but could) for you be about when you yourself dive in your deeper layers that are connected to the field of Sexual Magic, before you arrive at purity.

Wishing you lots of learning and experiencing enjoyment!


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A free example of the course. Besides video’s, the course consists of lots of theory and most of all, assignments. The course presents as a 133 page book with links to 27 video’s.

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Let me introduce the course…

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