Experience Calls – Preface

Welcome to Abundance Now, the program in which you will be working to manifest your abundance in all the ways you desire. I am Petra, your guide here and I indeed have fully experienced the way in which the methods presented and the topics to experience, made come true the manifestation of my abundance in money and love.

To be more precise: they brought me to the two States of Being we teach here, supporting both your money and your love life, that solidified the idea in real life, that the inner, the soul self, creates the outer for a truly fulfilling experience and result. As the Divine Feminine in my Union, I am currently further manifesting the money to come to the bank of my personal business (mildly “as opposed to” my True Twin Flame) and the relationship to come to a physical family experience too.

Wherever you are on your journey, you need a basis. And the Abundance Now program is designed largely to assist you with that: sustaining that energy frequency necessary for physical manifestations to come through, not only the way your personality has thought it out, but moreover how Source sees you, meaning: as your ultimate version and in your truest leadership.

The States of Being are deeply engrained in the spiritual journey that is supported here via our specific Path, and this is something you will be doing in our presence through all the means we offer – not only this program. Abundance Now is specifically guiding you through concrete topics such as business, creativity, money and writing, that play a role in that, and that bridge the underlying spiritual journey to your daily life where your relationships and entrepreneurship factually take place.

The Experience Calls walk you yearly through the correct energy attunement of handy topics for both sides – love and money – of your life, while also giving you theory and workbook elements to give your practical working towards your year goal clear direction. You are invited to talk about your process in our Community Support department. Participants that follow Abundance Building too, will get access to the best Source based manifestation techniques for this new era, that we have, to be implemented for your 1111x Money with your true life’s mission executed with your True Twin Flame right by your side.

I wish you a wonderful journey and a safe arrival.