Abundance Building – Preface

The preface of the Abundance Building course, consists of the Money Magic Starter Kit that you are invited to execute, and the audio lesson with 9 sub chapters about the basic abundance principles relevant for the entire course and work we do here.

Magic 1111 Starter Kit– use as password: Magic2023

Audio Lesson – 56 minutes, you can listen to this like it is a podcast

Abundance Building PrefaceSummary

1 This work came into being as a means to manifest your soul abundance in money and love and it functions in the eternal perspective. One way of defining what we practically do here to get your ultimate results is combining feeling (as creativity) and structuring (as business): make sure you are every day both feeling your feelings towards completion as well as making small steps in ordering your life, mission and business with correct structures, so that a process unfolds that will give you what you desire.

2 In the starter kit that you are as preface invited to execute, you find the letter about radical self acceptance necessary leading up to the ultimate result you desire in your Twin Flame journey and the role of money in that life partnership as well. Then it also holds a course in which you can start combining the two immediately as One. The meditation that is the third element inside the kit, gives you an indication of what your blocks might be spiritually and also assists you to overcome them right away. Personally I reached the States of Being of Golden Flow in the energy body (have your energetic power points definitively cleared and activated which stabilized the flow of money) and Harmonious Union (lastingly harmonized relationship with Source and the True Twin Flame) and on this basis I can pass it on to you. Both are states that are woven in the architecture of life and thus baseline (logic, sober, grounded) reality – not imagined. Arriving in them is placed on the journey further then you can think and feel in your current state of being, of that you can be sure, and at the same time your arrival is guaranteed when you accept that surrendering is thus part of the logic of that journey too.

3 The result is you can rely on yourself for business building (Golden Flow) and you can rely on Source for your love relationship and other relationships (Harmonious Union). This is a fundamentally different worldview, as it includes truth and unconditional love, both on a personal and a Divine level, and you will come to understand how difficult this can be yet simultaneously equally crucial. The question is: do you choose to commit to this different reality to such an extend that it becomes your default in all ways until there is no sense of difference anymore.

4 The correct mentality to go through the journey is for you to give conscious space and respect to your body to let your energy field exist (for Golden Flow), and respectively give conscious space and respect to your Source, which you have to build from faith and when that invisible connection becomes established you can build trust on top of that (for Harmonious Union). A way to give conscious space for and pay respect to, is by your attention and focus for this material and stick with it.

5 This is for sensitive creatives because being sensitive means to be vulnerable and that gives you the power to act; being creative means to be willing to be resurrected in your soul and that gives you the power to create. So whether you associate with that group or only partially, it is still referring to qualities of the soul that are becoming deepened when you work here with this material, and that greatly contributes to manifesting your abundance in money and love.

6 It is helpful to always come from the notion that the entire visible, tangible world, including your body, feelings and thoughts, are the manifested world that is created from the seed of the True Creator in the invisible realm. Understanding that even your body and energy field are your outer world, and the entire human plus world are created continually from the beyond point, is key in growing and succeeding. The entire manifested world – whether personal or collective – is a mirroring to you of what is going on in the inner: the beautiful and the nasty lessons too. The first you will want to enhance with your gestures quickening and guiding what is present, which is magic, and is performed through the body and energy field in the first place; the latter asks for acceptance of what is, then going inner to transform by self healing which means surrendering to the fact that you are Divine Creation and Source will restore you.

7 Indeed, this work lets you thus research your reality for old, undesirable and broken patterns in the fabric of your consciousness that can be called blocks or trauma’s. It is both true that everyone has them (and resistance to that fact is not necessary however happens a lot), as well as that they can become undone and replaced by how Source means it for you in your Abundance Reality instead utterly and completely (contrary to popular belief that complete healing is not possible). This transformation will then manifest the actual ultimate abundance you desire; thus Transform & Manifest are main procedures in what we do here.

8 Magic means to take the process out of these procedures seriously, and enhance the way in which Source is already moving you in these ways, by soul actions.

9 Source and the Divine are the same, just like the Universe or any other name, and although this is very enigmatic, when you start to figure out your relationship with it, through these tools given to you here, it will become very logic, normal, sobered up and grounded: this is what your being a Life Artist as Magician is grounded in, how we teach it here. This arriving on earth as a transformed person and becoming everything that you can be as your true self, brings your ultimate goals in money and love to life.