Abundance Building – Chapter 1

Grand overview of what we mean with this Mind & Energy Work and how it works to attract and live your Abundance in Money (your Divine Inheritance) and Love (your Ultimate Co-Creational Partner Union).

  • Decide how long, what time and where to meditate every day
  • Audio Lesson – 85 minutes

1 Foundation

The Divine is efficient, so the money path and love path will be coming to growth and bloom in you as One and that brings your Abundance out. The Way this works is captured in all chapters of Abundance Building in a way that is present day, practical yet Divine Wisdom, complete and set out in complementary tools that work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane simultaneously. In other words they form a complete yoga; yoga being the word that describes an art form that brings you together with the Divine. Following the tools and making the promise come true inside of you means taking responsibility.

Because you are a spiritual being experiencing through the physical, mental and emotional, the actual essence of you is an energy with a certain frequency that has a certain resonance or result in how you experience life in the outside world; the outside world being the body, the mental, the emotional, other people, other things, the world, the universe because we mean this from the spiritual essence out. The essence can be called an energy because the physical is an energy between particles that hold together temporarily; because the emotional is a fleeting experience inside of you; because the mental is a stream of translations of all these processes in thoughts. Instead of Energy we could also say the Mind, as both are foundational, the first more in the field of feeling it and the second more in the field of knowing it.

Building your Ultimate Life from this groundwork means to connect to the invisible essence that is Energy or Mind, attune it to your True Blueprint and also tune your Creation to the True You that can be called the Soul. Tuning is important, as it is like dialing the radio in with both the Divine and with the created world in the frequency that truly connects. The fact that then as a result correct, enjoyable, ultimate things start to come into your life is something that can be experienced with patience and non-codependency. This is what has become popular under the name Law Of Attraction (LOA); however this idea is often used by misguided people to “enhance their ego” instead of giving space for all the before mentioned correctly and sufficiently so that in freedom this natural process will take place. LOA comes originally from the idea that there is no definitive physical science for the existence of the Law Of Gravitation, so there must be a Higher Power that is the Cause of that; there is no evidence contrary of this. This is foundational.

2 Transformation

To be consciously what the above states, there is a process of becoming that needs to be a transformation. It is difficult to describe what Mind and Energy experience is in the level of being and then already even more daunting in the level of transformation, because it essentially is a transmutation brought onto you by the Causeless Cause that is the Higher Power when you are open to receive it. This gives way to the understanding that there may be things in the way of receiving; that is true and that is a good way to understand what is needed and being done here: the things standing in the way are being removed. Thus a transformation becomes a journey of the ego to the self: by subtracting all shreds of ego that are instilled in you by many sources.

In this process you always look consciously at what the shreds are: from the past, the future, an alternate now, from ideas, false programs and so on, with the aim to see its core so you can learn the lesson, but hold on because the most important part is not stated yet, because after you have taken in the lesson you let it go and come in the Now in that part where first that shred of ego existed. This is how to understand the place of respectively the situations and evidences of ego that hurt your soul and hold it back from shining and the letting go of them; when you cannot detect where the shred is, you cannot learn the lesson, but moreover when you cannot learn the lesson you will not be successful at letting go. The letting go ís however the most important part.

3 Creative ID

The configuration of your individually designed Energy / Mind in your Soul, can be understood as a certain unique frequency or even yantra or crystal, that can be made visible just like the frequency pattern of water can be made visible when bringing water to the state of ice: clean ice crystals from water have a beautiful symmetrical pattern that is more precisely centrifugal; think about snow and crystals on your window when it has frozen over night. This is the same for your Soul: this unique crystal form that is You on the Soul Level can be called your essential identity. You could be said to have one that is the base and blueprint of your Twin Flame Union and one for you as the individual expression within that Union.

Building means to move the Energy, to move the Mind. You do this through your unique crystalline blueprint that you have for that. Building means to become creative, and in building from the Soul you stand in the flow of Creation with your unique crystalline blueprint. In other words when you start to build your Abundance in love and money from the soul out, you do this from your creative identity, your Creative ID. Though this is unique, there can also be conceptualized a certain range of options for people in general, just like you could classify snow crystals by their form type; not to discriminate against any snow flake but to enhance their particular qualities by becoming more conscious of them within a certain system.

Because the human build up consists of 9 energy points in your individual energy body, from point 1 below the feet up to point 9 above the head (see book “Nine Entrances to Conscious Creativity”) with 9 different meanings, it makes sense to take this division of meanings and bring identity crystals under them. To be more concise, we bring them back to the 4 main ones of that 9 point system, and they collide with the ideas of: destroy, idea, sustain, love, and form a chain in their meaning so we can return easily to destroy. This chain of 4 energy or mind points clearly forms a creative process in all ways possible: mental, emotional, physical, but essentially spiritually too!Identifying where you are in that ongoing process means you learn a lot about how to influence the body and other circumstances in the outside world, from your individual Creative ID out in this phase of the process of life.

4 Working

To get the before mentioned to work, there are a few things to keep in mind: a. getting rid of the mindset that it is a virtue to not fulfill your own needs, because it really is your own job to fulfill them, and when that is taken care of, you can go into relationships on top of that, and while this is true for almost all relationships, there are additional laws for the specific one-off relationships of the relationship with the Divine as that ought to be one of dependency and of the True Twin Flame as that will naturally complement you also in the department of needs while still holding the groundwork of what this law stated in mind; b. when there arises an issue in this department you can always ask yourself: “Is it really a problem?” because it may just be an invitation to connect money or love closer to essence instead as every situation is a mirror of how you are attuned to the Divine and your True Twin Flame in the first place; c. then (when you have overcome the problem as stated in b.) space comes in your heart and your more subtle feelings instead of your reactionary emotions will function as your truthful compass. Then you decide.

A decision will fall more then you make it; it is something natural that occurs in your willpower that you now will acknowledge and then follow through, eventually to fully commit to it and make it your daily work to execute. This is because from the processes as stated your willpower has freed itself correctly from the grip of the ego and has now attached itself as it were to your soul instead. There is a definitive turn around of the will power that takes place, when you do this work and the willpower will always become connected to your Divine Nature, to make your Creative ID blueprint work for you and the benefit of everyone else in the world. When you get accustomed to this movement, you will understand where will truly connects into your system and how to also strengthen it correctly. Then you will become aware how to stretch the Will out to make things come true that you never deemed possible but that are completely normal to your Being as a Child of the Divine.

5 Surrender

So while this means to surrender your free will to the Divine it also simultaneously means to strengthen your Divine Willpower and do what you came here to do and fully do your Divine Will. There may be unconscious resistance to this process and therefore consciously surrendering as a deliberate exercise may be helpful to you. To make this accessible for you, there is the Reset Recalibrate audio meditation, in which you besides surrender also express your gratitude for the Divine, Your Self, your Twin Flame Union, and the additional components of Divine Order. This meditation will relax your brain stem as a means to communicate to your entire being that you surrender to the Higher Power to flow through your nervous system.

6 Orgasmic Money

This surrender will bring money through the clarity it brings in what your True Mission is, and love through clarity in who your True Twin Flame is. This brings money as wisdoms value that connects to the Divine Masculine essential energy point in the third eye – and orgasm as sexualities value that connects to the Divine Feminines essential energy point in the sexual wand (the deeper penis point that connects to the prostate and vagina point that connects to the deeper clitoris points). This brings complementary parts of one whole together in an organic way automatically on all levels.

7 Divine Order

The Divine comes in three fold: there a Divine Masculine, a Divine Feminine and a Divine Child. Together they form a meaningful triangle that you will recover on all levels. The Divine comes in Masculine, Feminine and Child, and the human then relates to the Divine as Money – God – Sex, from which comes a child that is the inspired creation. In another sense the human is the Divine Child him- or herself, but since you are either a Divine Masculine or a Divine Feminine in your Twin Flame Union (of which the far and beyond most common architecture is that of a pair of 2), you are in the human sense as a child of the Divine also part of the triangle of your human Union duo that produces the child: this child can be your Mission, your Dream together, made come true in your Manifestation together. Thus your soul architecture produces a very powerful platform for your Abundance to come in, in any which way suits your Union best. The best thing you can do at any stage, is organize your life in such a way that you actively, consciously and factually prioritize these elements in your life in all ways: Divine, You, Your True Twin Flame, Your Abundance Manifested. By the way after this, socially seen, your Soul Family follows, then your Soul Clients, and your Soul Mates which is everyone else you encounter.

8 Summary

You are as a Soul Energy and Mind, Unionized in the Heart, connected to Source, and surrender is the most important, because from that willpower transforms and there Divine Action comes into play making True the Divine Order of things that manifests your Ultimate Life.

9 Manifesting

Now you need to feel this out, transform, do, and then foremostly béit: the entire idea is that you already háve it because you áre it. Understand that your Divine Inheritance is already here, it is in and around you yet it is mostly invisible and intangible to you at this point; it is your job to have it be revealed to you, then live it and make it manifested as well in the most grounded way. Grounded does mean physical and this is the most dense frequency we have available, yet it also means that the physical manifestations are simultaneously anchored in Truth, as in: Divine Order.

In this way, manifesting becomes an Inner & Outer World balancing: the inner world is vast and endless, you could forever be wrapped up inside of it and never find an exit again; the outer world is vast and never-ending and you could easily be caught in by its magnificence and never find an end to its splendor. The True Satisfaction however lies in making come true the Balancing Point where ecstasy and factuality come together in an Eternal Way. This is where you desire to go: it is free of anxiety and peaceful.